Tuesday, 11 August 2015

NODE appoints Felicities

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Contemporary shoe brand NODE is founded on three key principles: concept, design and craftsmanship.

In every collection NODE’s signature and techniques come together to create a shoe that holds principle, craftsmanship and detail at the heart of its design.

NODE’s commitment to the genuine craft of shoe making ensures that each shoe is made with the finest materials using traditional manufacturing techniques. Every collection is an extraordinary juxtaposition of modern concepts and classic, timeless design resulting in a distinctive and exceptional product.

From Latin nodus, a node is the point where two lines intersect and has multiple meaning in different disciplines – it is a branch in architecture; in mathematics it refers to a point where a curve intersects itself; in botany, a node is the point on a plant stem where a leaf is attached and in physics a node is a point along a standing wave, where the wave has minimal amplitude. For the brand, node is the intersection of ideas, design and culture.

British designed with an international regard, NODE creates stylish, simple, clean line designs inspired by art, architecture, literature and design. Interpreting references from a deep archive of modern and historic materials, products and images, the brand reconstructs concepts to create unique designs,

NODE is a collaboration of individuals who contrast each other, but the points where they connect are what make them a strong and unique team, with shared philosophies around concept, design and craftsmanship. Joshua Cohen, Creative Director, has experience in graphic design and has spent 10 years in the footwear industry; Lee Cousins, Design Director, is an artist who has over 40 years experience in the design industry and Martin Smith, who with 20 years experience in the footwear industry heads up NODE operations.