Monday, 04 January 2016

Disarblot in Iona

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Dayo Awe

Linda Blissett, in collaboration with celebrity jewellery designer Marianna Harutunian is proud to announce that she will be showcasing her new Autumn/Winter ‘15/’16 couture collection with Fashions Finest during London Fashion Week.

The collection looks to Norse and Celtic mythology and celebrates the pre Christian celestial pantheon of these cultures. Linda is drawn to contrast in all things and uses colour and texture as metaphors for the opposite deities of fire (Bel, God of earthly and celestial fire, who is celebrated at Beltane) and ice (Callilech & Skadi, the bringers of snow & ice), from earthly love, life, nature & sensuality (Freya, who gave her name to ‘Friday’) to the afterworld (the Goddess Hel, ruler of Helheim.

The collection thus incorporates a flowing, fluid asymmetrical quality with opposite textures intended to achieve a symbiosis. Lines of flowing crystals and gold & bronze thread accent burnt oranges, crimsons, scarlets, burgundys, and ambers are set against ice blues, teals, royal and midnight blues, slate greys, white, ivory and silver… all given textural life via velvets, satins, lamé, chiffons and two tone shot metallic satins.