Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Inspiring Fashion-Forward Instagram accounts

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms around.

With over 400 million active users and a focus on visual content, it is no surprise that so many fashion-related accounts find themselves on this platform. Amongst the millions, we have found some of the inspiring fashion-based accounts.

Vu Sunglass (@vusunglass)

Quality sunglasses captured in luxurious black and white-themed goodness. This Montreal-based sunglasses store has consistently glamorous content. Sunglasses are the hot must-have accessory, with many bloggers and YouTubers now collaborating with eyewear brands. Vu Sunglass’s Instagram uses an avant-garde aesthetic to show off its high-fashion frames. For daily sunglass inspiration, this is the account to follow.

Nasty Gal (@nastygal)

California dreaming? Follow Nasty Gal for a dose of cali-girl outfits. Coupling out-of-this-world vintage items with beautiful modern pieces to create the ultimate in LA fashion. From leopard print and suspenders to Elizabeth Taylor and lace, @nastygal’s amazing combinations should have your fashion senses tingling in no time.

Bryan Boy (@bryanboycom)

Bryan Boy is not your average fashion blogger. He is pushing the all boundaries. Exposing the weird and wild side of fashion and occasionally posting risqué content, this guy is not for the faint hearted. Pink Spanish-Inspired tuxedos and animal print overload, Bryan Boy is definitely a few steps ahead of the rest, and possibly on a different trail entirely. Follow @bryanboycom for an oddly good time!

Linda Hallberg (@lindahallbergs)

Make up to die for! Linda Hallberg is a top notch make up artist and beauty blogger who doesn’t mind experimenting. This Swedish artist focuses on bright colors, sharp lines, and very editorial looks. For make up inspiration to pair with your outfit, this is the woman to follow. While her looks might be a little other-worldly, the way she blends and applies make up can translate to any look, whether your going for a natural appearance or an artsy look similar to the one below.

Vogue Brasil (@voguebrasil)

A wise TV character once said, “When I first moved to New York and I was totally broke, sometimes I bought Vogue instead of dinner. I found it fed me more.” It is true that Vogue is the Queen of the fashion world. How could we not mention their exotic Brazilian Instagram account? With the bright colors, the tan skin and the Haute Couture selection, you should definitely turn on notifications for these posts. It’s international, it’s Vogue, need we say more?

Sporteluxe (@sporteluxe)

Founded by Australian yoga instructor and model @biancamaycheah, Sporteluxe is a blog covering all things fitness, wellness, fashion and beauty. Their Instagram account is a sporty snapshot of athletic fashion. Images covering topics such as Beyoncé’s new Topshop collaboration, vegan doughnuts, New York Pilates (@newyorkpilates), new kicks, and cute quotes, this is an account ideal for the fitness fashion diehard. These gorgeous images are vital for all your lifestyle and athleisure inspo.