Thursday, 28 July 2016

Wake Up Like A Princess With Silkskin

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I now sleep on a silk pillowcase and no it is not because I have just discovered that I am a Princess, it is because I want hair like one.

I have been informed that Royalty actually use Silkskin pillowcases, after sleeping on one for a few nights I can see why.

Not only do these miracle pillowcases stop our hair from frizzing and fraying overnight, they are also good for your face. At last I can wake up with a fresh face and tame hair. Silkskin pillowcases promise to help your skin breathe easily which will prevent spots and breakouts and that is exactly what it does.

I would definitely recommend you buying some for your entire household especially teenagers who suffer with problem skin.

I am sure that we all remember the nights we have stayed over at a girlfriend’s house not caring what we would look like in the morning but when it came to that vital night of staying over at a male companions we would instantly panic as this situation is somewhat worrying for the ladies.

Thanks to Silkskin these days are over. Just take a pillowcase with you and wake up like a Princess. At the moment with this hot weather we have been blessed with Silkskin helps to keep your face cool at night, which I find can be a problem with other pillowcases.

You only need to spend £49 on a silk pillowcase to wake up both cool and desirable.

Silkskin can be purchased at Harvey Nichols fom next week.