Thursday, 18 August 2016


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The 100MPH brand represents a state of mind; unapologetic, conscious and driven by desire.

17th August 2016 - 100MPH, a new clothing brand founded by creative artist Matthew Walters launches into the UK, with products ranging from t-shirts to polos, sweaters and hoodies. All products are available to buy online at

Matthew "m.a.double" Walters, known for his gangster themed production, Ready 4 Whatever which premiered in Cannes in 2013, began work on 100MPH right after beating his case. He decided to create the brand after a difficult 16 months, where he found himself on bail awaiting trial for allegedly importing £160,000 worth of cocaine.

During this time, Matthew would continually say to himself “As soon as I beat my case, 100MPH, I’m going to…”

After his Not Guilty verdict, he established the 100MPH brand which has been designed for people like himself, people that are full of passion and drive and live in the fast lane. The debut collection launched on the anniversary of his Not Guilty verdict, July 31st.

Currently the debut collection consists of t-shirts, polos, sweaters and hoodies. Matthew plans to grow the brand, but has decided to listen to his customers and give them what they want instead of giving them what he thinks they want and ‘forcing it on them like a bad pop song’.

Matthew explains: “Money isn’t a factor for me. I just want to know that I made somebody feel good. From the packaging to the clothing, 100MPH is all about making people feel good.”

Quality and attention to detail is at the forefront of the 100MPH brand and all items within the collection have been designed to suit those people that live in the ‘fast lane’.

An affiliate of Handsworth's notorious Burger Bar Crew, Matthew also wants to use the brand to encourage street hustlers to recognise their transferable skills and transition into going legal. Matthew continues: "Before 100MPH, I hustled. I experienced a lot of violence, I've been kidnapped twice in one day and faced a long stretch behind bars. However, I never enjoyed hustling, what I enjoyed was exercising my creative muscle. I enjoyed writing screenplays and from there I went on to worth with production companies, the BBC and the Wellcome Trust to name a few. I wanted to show other hustlers that there are other ways to succeed in life."

Alongside 100MPH, Matthew is also writing his next short film which he plans to take on the worldwide film festival circuit.