Thursday, 22 September 2016

Silkskin Eye Mask

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When you need to relax and sleep in bright surroundings and are unable to block the light out what do you do?

A few months ago I would attempt to put my blanket over my head, which would make me, feel hot and claustrophobic. Now that I have a Silkskin Eye Mask with healing Lavender I do not have that problem. I can now fall asleep easily.

It feels so good not to wake up with huge black bags under my eyes and feeling irritable due to lack of sleep. As adults we do not tend to get the recommended 8 hours sleep, so we need to make sure that the sleep we do get is peaceful and uninterrupted.

My Silkskin eye mask is a natural colour that has no heavy dyes or chemicals that could irritate your eyes. If you suffer from insomnia, anxiety, depression or headaches the Lavender in the mask can help with all of these. I will be taking my eye mask to Ibiza with me to use to nap on the plane and in the day when I have over done the nights out.

Since I have been using Silkskin’s eye mask my eyes are brighter and those bags I was unfortunately getting used to have disappeared. If you know how important sleep is and you are not getting enough then try a Silkskin eye mask you will not be disappointed. The eye mask retails at £42 so I know what all my friends will be getting off me for Christmas.