Wednesday, 05 October 2016

Shake That Weight

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Having tested Shake That Weight for two weeks i was more than impressed with the results.

I lost 9 pounds and what I love most about the plan is that all the food and shakes taste great. Shake That Weight products are made to increase your protein intake and in turn decrease the amount of carbohydrates you consume. All you need to do is add water to their products it’s that easy.

1. First you choose a plan that suits your lifestyle. All the plans offer you the same rapid weight loss so it really is about what suits you.

2. Decide how long you would like to diet for, 4 weeks is a good start to see results but you can diet up to 12 weeks.

3. Pick and choose what meal products you would like to have on your plan. All products are suitable on any plan.

4. Stick to the maintenance plan to transition back to normal eating.

A normal day on the plan should consist of having three products for ladies and four for men. You can have a healthy meal of your choice in the evening and snack on fresh fruit. What I also love about Shake That Weight is that it does not feel like a diet. You are constantly eating products that taste fantastic and then seeing results. I would recommend it to anyone that struggles with their weight or anyone that would just like to drop a dress size.

The food I ordered for two weeks came up to just over £70 so it was worth the money. My favourite foods on the diet are the lemon yogurt bars, oatmeal porridge and the vanilla vibe shake.

A diet has never tasted so good. When on the diet if you ever feel like you need support, advice or even a little encouragement follow the link: Shake That Weight