Thursday, 20 October 2016

Studio Assistant Needed For Biblos Glasgow, Jewellery Brand

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Biblos Glasgow, Jewellery Brand is looking for an intern to assist with the following tasks below.

- Researching online matters such as registering/copyrighting business name.
- Checking emails/social media for direct messages, making contacts., etc.
- Posting news/images on Social Media - Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.
- Arranging help with any events Deborah is doing such as Fashions Finest event during London Fashion Week / December Presentation 2016.
- Helping Deborah with possible collaborations/photoshoots for new collections.
- Contacting clients/ customers and suppliers.
- Attending events to help the Designer.
- Buying Jewellery Materials with Deborah locally.
- Working on creative Mood boards.
- Confirming any appointments in Diary.
- Arranging contact with Product Invention Team - Submitting emails regarding development of new ideas.

When available to work - Immediate. Could be part-time 2-3 days a week or full time depending on your time.

Applicants should email their CV with an breif message to Deborah Glasgow