Monday, 31 October 2016

Leicester Fashion Week – Best Of Streetwear

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Leicester Fashion Week enticed its participants with a vibrant medley of textures, colours, fabrics and styles, ranging from couture to sportswear, but it was definitely the range of emerging urbanwear labels that have taken the catwalk by storm.

First in line comes the Nottingham-based Ullr&Skade, who have embraced casual wear and austere, minimalistic designs in truly Scandinavian aesthetics.

This brand’s focus is evidently on richness and quality of material, which explains the vastness of cashmere and thick 100% cotton products.

Utilitarian smock jumpers, simple block colour tees and obviously rollnecks, a trend that has already cropped up in 2016, make the Nordic fisherman style the perfectly wearable focal point of Ullr&Skade.

Those who cherish structure and top-notch fabrics most of all, will appreciate the boxy, oversized fit, bordering on ugly and unflattering.

Further down the list is Okayla, the Leicester-born baby of Samantha Crutchlow, founded only earlier this year and already causing hype and rustle on the urban fashion scene.

By taking the gaudy, quilted polyesters and mesh straight off the boxing ring and applying them to more feminine, flattering cuts, Okayla has come up with vibrant, high quality pieces that any sports luxe admirer, leading a busy, active life will immediately fall for.

Throwing lace, floral patterns and even a little peplum (!) to the mix, Okayla’s designs can be easily incorporated into chintzy going out attire, which makes the whole collection even more versatile, placing comfort and style on an equal level at last.

Last but not least, comes the unisex OO’s Clothing brand, who take sporty a few steps further.

Again flirting with the cotton-mesh duet, OO’s collection is rich in earthy neutrals like complementary dusky browns and greys, interlaced with stripy elements of tie die, paint splutters and funky acid wash. Cuts and shapes are kept simple and modern to suit all female and male silhouettes –basic tank tops, tees and long-sleeve sweatshirts, manufactured in the UK with high quality materials, will surely reign the hearts of those seeking unique, yet not necessarily garish streetwear.