Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Hamper Making With The

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Christmas is just round the corner so like any decent human I have begun to prepare. My favourite gifts for people are hampers that I put together.

I feel as if this gives it a personal touch. What could be better than giving the people you love not one but numerous little gifts? My family and friends are always happy with the hampers that they receive. I just pick a basket, box, bag or even a painted wooden crate to put the gifts in.

This year I have put together Christmas hampers for my sister, daughters and partner with items that I received from the . I picked out most of their Lynx items for my partner; anything from shower gels to deodorant went into my basket. Toiletries are great items to have in any hamper or stockings at Christmas.

For my eldest daughter I put in Simple Facial Wipes, L.A. Girl Concealer, Garnier Hand Cream and Aloe Vera Vaseline. For months now my daughter has been talking about how multiple celebrities and Youtubers use the L.A. Girl concealer. It would have been rude not to get it.

For my youngest daughter I picked out a few Frozen Perfumes, Bath Toys and Bubble Baths. I knew she would have a great time in the bath with all these goodies. I know I would have at that age.

At the you can find gifts for people of all ages so you can shop for your whole family, I strongly suggest that get a few of your Christmas presents from there. You can even stock up on cold and flu medicines as it’s that time of year. Kill two birds with one stone.