Sunday, 27 November 2016

What To Get The Man In Your Life This Christmas

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Ladies this is a quick guide to help you pick the perfect gifts for that special guy in your lives.

1. Sik Silk Overhead Hoodie SS10489- £60
Sik Silk Standard Joggers SS10456 - £50

This is from Reemclothing your guy needs to have a nice outfit so this is the best place to get it. Something comfortable but still makes him look as good as the day you laid eyes on him. The only problem here ladies is that there are so many nice outfits you will want to buy them all. Just pick a few and remember that there will be other special occasions to buy for. I picked a green Sik Silk Hoodie and Tracksuit Bottoms for my guy. If your man has style then I’m sure that he will love anything from here and if he doesn’t then it is your job to introduce him.

2. Amwell Black - £95

This beautiful wallet from Opperman is made from Italian Vachetta Leather and has hand stitched corners. I picked a red lining and had it engraved to make it all the more special. If Red is not the colour for you then you could pick Black or Orange. Opperman has various other wallets for you to choose from. Every man needs an elegant and durable wallet to use and that is what Opperman wallets offer you.

3. Gin & Socks from The London Sock Co- £65

Any man will enjoy this stylish gift set. The London Sock Co has paired three of their favourite sock styles with three of London’s finest gins. Each set comes with a limited edition booklet of style and tasting notes. As we all know socks are that one item that never seems to come out of the wash so they are a necessity and who does not like a tipple of gin? It’s such a wonderful gift idea.

4. Murdock Gentlemen’s Skincare Set-£35

Murdock’s skincare set is perfect for those wintery days that try to damage your gentlemen’s skin. It contains a Repairing Lip Salve, Avalon Shower Gel, Exfoliating Facial Scrub, Cleansing Facial Wash and a Hydrating Facial Moisturiser. Keep your guy looking beautiful with this set.

5. X Flask Original Gold-£45

X flasks are a leading London –based retailer of luxury hip flasks, they come in gold, silver and rose gold. What man would not want a flask in his pocket to have a sip of after a hard day at work? These flasks will not leak and have a lifetime guarantee, you can’t lose. Make sure when you order yours you get it engraved.

6. August Wifi Speakers, WS300- £100

This August speaker is a multiroom ,wireless airplay speakers, 15W and Bluetooth. For a 40% discount click here. It is easy to set up so a man should have no problem and the sound is of great quality. This speaker delivers any music that you want to your ears with a nice clean audio.