Thursday, 26 January 2017

RedFoot- The Best Boots Around

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The start of Redfoot began more than 500 years ago when John Redfoot in the river crossing in Rossendale Valley noticed something.

Everyone that crossed the river had a hole or more in their shoes. John began to stitch and patch them and then passed the skills onto his children and grandchildren. Jumping forward a few hundred years Redfoot still exists and makes shoes that the late John Redfoot would be proud of, the younger Redfoot's had revolutionised footwear.

Each Redfoot family member that has taken over has managed to help the business evolve and that is why we are blessed with the Redfoot we have today. I only buy quality footwear, which is why I wanted to try some boots from Redfoot. I asked to review their Kensington black boots and I was not disappointed when they arrived, they were absolutely perfect. In fact for the first few weeks of having them I would not even wear them for fear of getting them dirty.

The Kensington black boot is a long legged riding boot. The boot is made with a rubber sole and high quality leather upper and is also available in brown. It has two concealed elastic panels to allow flexibility of fit so you can wear them as a close fit or a wider fit to allow jeans.

When I eventually wore them they were so comfortable and stylish. Everyone I met had nothing but compliments for me, I honestly felt like nothing could go wrong in my life while I had these boots on, they gave me so much confidence. At the moment these boots are just £49.99 instead of £200. I know that I will be getting my boots from Redfoot from now on, do not miss out.