Monday, 13 March 2017

Save Time By Shopping Online

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British People could save up to 36 hours a year by shopping online.

• Brits waste three times more time buying clothes in store than online
• Three out of four spend up to two hours buying an outfit from a physical store
• More than half of Brits (56%) spend 62.5 days of their adult life queuing in store

New research conducted by CollectPlus has revealed that the majority of Brits could save up to 36 hours a year by shopping for fashion online rather than queuing in physical stores.

More than half (56%) spend a grand total of 62.5 days of their adult life queuing in store to buy or return an outfit, with up to 77% of Brits adding an additional 24 hours per year getting to and from the shop in the first place.

Infamously known for orderly queues, the research shows Brits really do spend more time than they would care to admit waiting in line for their fashion fix. In fact, more than three quarters (78%) spend up to two hours on the high street every time they buy an outfit, with a third (35%) spending an hour travelling before even setting foot in store.

Meanwhile, an online order takes just half an hour to complete for more than half (55%) of Brits, although some more particular fashionistas (7%) admit to spending up to two hours in search of an outfit on the internet.

The majority (77%) of Brits save around 90 minutes per outfit when they buy online. For the 15% of us who treat ourselves to an outfit every week, that’s 72 hours a year that could be saved by ditching the high street and shopping online.

Catherine Woolfe, Marketing Director at CollectPlus, said: “With thousands of CollectPlus stores open early until late, seven days a week across the UK, it’s easier than ever to purchase an outfit online and have it delivered to you at your convenience.

“We’re a nation known for queuing patiently, but consumers are becoming more savvy. Online shopping presents a more efficient era of shopping where we really can get what we want, when we want it.”

Despite our desire to continue standing in-line for our fashion, 67% of Brits had started out 2017 with the intention of making better use of their time. So, if you’re not following your own advice and need tips on how to use your free time more effectively, head to: