Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Why You Should Shop Independent in 2017

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Celebrity endorsements and the rise of Instagram advertising has seen the revival of independent clothing brands.

Fast fashion is dying out and is being replaced with more substance and style. Musicians and celebrity collaborations are expressing themselves with independent brands to have distinctive and individual style, and it is time for us to follow suit! More clothing brands means more style options and individuality, so if you’re looking to break out of the mould in 2017, then you should shop independent…

What makes independent brands different?

Independent brands are influenced by culture, society, music and are the embodiment of modern society. If we compare independent brands to high street fashion, there are distinct differences. High street fashion is made to appeal to as many people as possible, which massively dilutes the style. If you find your style niche, then there will be an independent brand that can cater to your individuality and style needs. Shopping independent means you will have a wider variety of style options that stop you from blending in and looking the same as everybody else. Streetwear brands like BOY London and Hype are influenced by street culture, which brings more depth to your wardrobe.

What brands should I be wearing?

Blvck Clothing: This brand has flown to success after its creation in 2007, after creators Michael Yabut and Alfred De Talge filled a gap in streetwear fashion that brought more substance and social awareness to our streets. This brand has underlined dark imagery and is inspired by religion, death, politics and identity, created with the aim of sparking conversation. If you’re looking for a brand that will add more depth to your wardrobe, get people talking and make people think, then Blvck Clothing is definitely a brand you should consider.

BOY London: This brand was founded in the late 70s by a fashion revolutionary called Stephanie Raynor. Ever since it’s conception, it’s been adopted as the uniform by every cool youth group. This brand is the embodiment of underground rebellion and British style. BOY London is known for their big eagle logo, bold prints and so-edgy-you-could-cut-something designs that turn heads in the street. This brand is the ultimate statement maker, so if you’re looking to put yourself a cut above your friends, then definitely consider checking out this brand!

Societe Noir

Hats are the most versatile accessory we can pull off. Whether its sunny, raining or somewhere in-between, hats never look out of place. This SS17 snapbacks are going to be one of the biggest style trend to look out for. This Manchester-based hat company makes the coolest and most unique snapbacks that you won’t find on the high street. Hats have the ability to make or break your outfit, they draw attention from your overall look, so always make sure to pick one that suits your style!


Minimalism has become one of the most popular and affluent styles over the passing years. It has entered our homes, and now it is entering our wardrobes. Folk clothing is a completely unique independent brand that is a step aside from streetwear into cool. The clothing range’s combination of muted tones and artistic patterns are perfect wardrobe fillers with loads of edge. This brand is one to watch out for the coming months of 2017.