Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Is This The Death of The Bikini?

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The bikini to avoid if you want to feel confident on the beach.

●      Fewer than 2 in 10 British women feel confident in triangle bikinis
●      Finding swimwear that is figure flattering is women’s biggest priority (49%)
●      More than half (52%) struggle to find swimwear that is flattering while offering support

New research, conducted by online shopping delivery service CollectPlus, has revealed the key features UK females look for when buying swimwear - and it’s bad news for the triangle bikini.

With the summer holiday season just around the corner, feeling confident (39%) in a costume is a key factor in choosing whether to buy or not. However, when it comes to bikinis only 25% of women feel confident, with triangle bikinis (18%) the worst culprits for low confidence.

Instead, it seems us Brits are turning to the tankini for our beach bliss in summer 2017. As the top choice of swimwear for 60% of British females, the tankini is most definitely seeing a revival. In fact, Google searches for ‘tankini sets UK’ have seen a 100% increase in the last 12 months1.

The swimwear styles that make women feel the most confident are:

1.       Tankini (60%)
2.       Modest swimsuit (59%)
3.       Cut out swimsuit (44%)

Unsurprisingly, then, it seems support is a top priority for women looking for swimwear. More than half (52%) struggle to find swimwear that is both flattering and supportive, and finding costumes which fit on both the top and bottom is challenging for 47%. Many women (40%) also struggle to find swimwear which either fits or supports their bust - potentially down to the fact that many high street swimwear ranges work in dress sizes rather than bra sizes.

One in five shoppers will go online for swimwear, as they believe there are more options (52%) than in store, making it easier to find the style they want (46%). However, 49% choose to buy online as they dislike trying swimwear on in changing rooms.

The top five retailers British women go to for swimwear are:

●        Marks & Spencers (44%)
●        Asda (37%)
●        Debenhams (36%)
●        River Island (29%)
●        John Lewis (28%)

Catherine Woolfe, Marketing Director at CollectPlus, says:

“It’s no secret that for many women, the thought of buying beachwear brings a certain level of anxiety, as many feel pressured to always look good around the pool and on the beach.

“It’s a shame that so many find it difficult to buy swimwear which supports and flatters their shape. Shopping online is a good option for those who struggle to find the right fit, as there are so many more options to choose from, as well as the opportunity to try different styles in the comfort of their  own home.

“CollectPlus makes it easy for customers shopping online to find the perfect swimwear.  And any which don’t suit can then be quickly returned from any CollectPlus point.”

If you are heading away this summer and you’re in need of some expert advice on the swimsuit to buy, head to: Tankini sets UK