Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Loves The Reef Project

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The Great Barrier Reef – a vast 2,300 km-long coral reef off the coast of Australia and one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

It’s even visible from space. Sadly, it’s also in serious trouble.

Climate change and pollution are damaging the reef at an alarming rate, leaving it struggling to support the rich marine life that depends on it. It is thought that almost two thirds of the reef have now been affected by coral bleaching and scientists are worried that without urgent help the entire reef will soon be dead.

We all need to act now to save the world’s largest living organism. That’s why luxury online fashion store, YOOX, have teamed up with funky Australian brand, We Are Handsome, to launch their #YOOXlovesthereef project.

The We Are Handsome designers have created an exclusive line of beautiful ocean-inspired swim and gym wear, including swim suits, bikinis, leggings and workout tops. The unique blue print with splashes of oranges and purples is the perfect nod to the colourful world beneath the waves.

Part of the proceeds raised from sales of this exclusive collection will go to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation to help conserve the reef. Established in 2000, the charity supports vital scientific research and conservation projects working to protect and restore this iconic habitat.

Saving the Reef and treating yourself to some gorgeous new activewear all in one go? Don’t mind if we do.