Monday, 22 May 2017

Hairburst Mulberry Silk Pillow

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Hairburst Mulberry Silk Pillow, dream your way to beautiful hair and skin with the new Sleep is nature's most powerful beauty treatment and possibly the most important hair and anti-ageing regime.

In fact, alongside seven to eight hours sleep (ideally) our hair, face and body products are most effective when we are asleep.

But how do you prevent that morning creased face and bed hair? It's time to trade in that old cotton pillow case and invest in the Hairburst Mulberry Silk Pillow £34.99 - beauty sleep's secret weapon for keeping our blow-dries perfect and our skin ultra-soft and youthful.

The new HairBurst Mulberry Silk Pillow is made from the finest quality silk you can buy, making it more luxurious and breathable. Perfect for keeping that bed head under control, the natural properties of silk, including its smooth surface can help reduce friction on your hair which often causes damage, like split ends and hair fall, and it helps to maintain moisture, leaving you with silky soft, morning hair. But that's not all this amazing pillow has fantastic benefits for your skin, maintaining moisture, preventing sleep creases, reducing puffiness and can also help with rosacea due to its smooth soft surface. It's an anti-ageing must use, leaving your skin radiant and revitalised!!

Hypoallergenic - naturally allergy free it's suitable for all skin types and ages and sleeping on this silk pillowcase offers a multitude of benefits for healthy hair and skin, leaving you to get some real beauty sleep.