Thursday, 08 June 2017

SensatioNail: Peel Back Your Polish

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A Revolutionary Nail Innovation Announced by SensatioNail. 

For fashionistas that love to update their nail polish as much as they change their outfits, SensatioNail have announced they will launch their first collection of peel off polishes this Summer. Peel-Off Polish combines water-based color, high gloss and peel-off removal technology to create an ultra-fast, ultra-shiny, ultra-gentle breakthrough polish formula. The introductory range of 10 polishes will be available from from May. SensatioNail Peel-Off polish glides onto buffed nails in one stroke, dries in minutes, doesn't damage nails, and best of all doesn’t require nail polish remover. Nail addicts can simply PEEL the polish off from the cuticle end when they are ready for a change of colour.

The beauty of Peel-Off Polish is that it lasts 1-2 days for those who like to swap their designs to match their fashion. However, for nail junkies looking for longer-life, it’s possible to apply the SensatioNail top coat over the Peel- Off polish, cure for 30 seconds and wipe with cleanser. Voila – Peel Off Gel that will last up to a week.