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7 Things To Look For In A Multi-Purpose Dress

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Can you really get everything in one dress? Yes! The trick is knowing what to look for.

Every woman’s wardrobe should feature at least one multipurpose dress. Whether you want to dress it up or dress it down, the multipurpose dress can deliver. With the addition of a few accessories and a new hairstyle, the right multipurpose dress will be carry you to the office, on a date, a family function, on a night out, or to a black-tie affair.

It sounds perfect, right? A dress that can be worn many times in many ways to many different places is a pretty great dress to own.

Attributes of a Good Multipurpose Dress

There are three main attributes of a good multi-purpose women’s dress. They are versatility, longevity, and the appearance of an expanded wardrobe. The advantage of a multipurpose dress is the ability to wear it many times over in different ways. That versatility allows you to wear this one dress to different events, with a totally different look every time. Personally, I love the collection of dresses at All Saints. They come at a slightly higher price than some of the lower market stores, but the quality of the fabrics (particularly the silk) are worth every penny. You can look at their different dress designs online or in store, if you’d prefer to see them in person and try them on.

Dress Designs

There are a range of dresses that are great for multi-purpose, the most common of which include:
● Wrap dress
● Little black dress
● Shirt dress
● Convertible bridesmaid dress
● Blouse-to-dress dress

With the simple addition of a few accessories (jewelry, makeup, jackets, or heels, for example) these dresses will have you office or party-ready for years.

So, what should you look for when shopping for a multipurpose dress?

Appropriate for many occasions, a multipurpose dress at its best provides both comfort and function. Here’s 7 things every multipurpose should have:

1. Versatility - A Dress for Every Occasion

There should be a dress for every occasion in every woman’s dress collection. However, many women would rather not where their work clothes to socialize after work. But when there is little to no time, what do you do? The solution is a dress that can be worn to different events that can be altered quickly and without much hassle. There are a variety of dress designs from which to choose. Let’s look at some examples of good multipurpose occasion dresses. They include:

Multipurpose Dress: The Shirt Dress
The shirt dress can be dressed up with bare legs and heels or dressed down with ballet flats and tights. Its versatility is a great option if you want to look good, be comfortable, and be appropriate for the workplace.

Multipurpose Dress: The Wrap Dress
The wrap dress is not only appropriate for the workplace as well as after work drinks, it suits any body type. Curvy, petite, tall, short—it is hard for a woman to not look good in a wrap dress.

Multipurpose Dress: The Little Black Dress
It is not uncommon for women to have at more than one type of little black dresses in their closets; maybe even one for every season—a short, sleeveless ribbed-fabric shift dress for summer or a long sleeve sweater dress for the winter, for example. You can find the perfect little black dress for every occasion—the office, date, church, black-tie affair, and nightclub. Whether you want to dress it up or dress it down, the little black dress can deliver.

Multipurpose Dress: The Convertible Bridesmaids Dress
A growing trend in bridesmaids’ dresses is the convertible dress. Brides are opting for this style of dress for their bridal party because it gives bridesmaids a variety of options while staying cohesive.

Multipurpose Dress: The Blouse-to-Dress
Search and you will find what is called a blouse-to-dress dress. It is another version of a convertible dress that can be worn in as many as 7 different ways. With adjustable sleeve, it can be configured to be worn to suit any occasion.

2. Durable Fabric - A Dress that can Withstand Time

Why is this important? If one of the reasons you decide to invest in a staple multipurpose dress is longevity, then the durability of the fabric matters. Fabric that moves easily with little to no wrinkles is the first thing you should look for when shopping for a multipurpose dress. Some examples of durable fabric includes:

100% cotton
Cotton is breathable, does not retain odor like oil-based fabrics.

Cotton and polyester blend
The blend of polyester with cotton will not only ensure your multipurpose dress’ durability, but affordability too.

3. Comfortability - A Dress that Feels Good While You Look Good

How you feel in your clothes is important. A good multipurpose dress will not only consist of durable fabric, but it will feel good too. Some examples of comfortable fabrics include:

Jersey fabric today is typically made of wool, cotton, and synthetic fibers. It is an excellent fabric for drape dresses.

Spandex is known for its exceptional elasticity. Unbelievably, spandex is It is stronger and more durable than natural rubber.

Denim with lycra
Denim may not be a dress fabric choice for every woman, but denim dresses are currently on trend. Denim with lycra is: a relatively new type of denim that incorporates stretchy material such as elastane, Spandex, or Lycra, that gives these types of dresses a more comfortable feel.

4. Polished - A Dress That Looks More Expensive Than It Is

Another attribute of a great multipurpose dress is ensuring that you look more polished at all times. These types of fabrics look good and continue to look good with time. Some fabrics to look for include:

Suede may be a fabric better suited for all or winter, but it is a fabric choice that can make you polished and expensive.

Silk has the distinction of being soft, versatile, durable, and luxurious.

Cashmere is one of the more expensive fabrics. It comes with a heftier price tag, but you are certain to look polished in this fabric.

5. Timeless Design - A Dress That Will Never Go Out of Style

A good multipurpose dress will never go out of style and continue to give you options throughout changing trends. Buy a classic multipurpose dress, like a wrap dress or little black dress, will ensure that it never goes out of style. It will be the staple dress in your wardrobe that you can come back to every year.

Multipurpose Dress: The Shirt Dress

The challenge to dressing at any age is to look sophisticated while showing off your best assets. Not every style of dress is appropriate for the office or meeting your in-laws. You want to look good, be comfortable, and be appropriate for the workplace. So, clingy fabrics are no good. Shirt dresses are a great option.

Multipurpose Dress: The Wrap Dress

A great dress at any age, the wrap dress can be especially appropriate for women in their 30s. The reason being, a wrap dress is the perfect wrinkle-resistant, mom-friendly option for the busy woman with a few more curves. It’s appropriate for work and its stretchy material is very practical.

Multipurpose Dress: The Little Black Dress

The little black dress is a wardrobe staple that is not soon to go away. Women at any age find it one of the most useful pieces in their dress collection. It is common to have one for every season and every occasion. If you choose wisely, you will only need to buy one or two little black dresses that you can dress up or dress down and will stand the test of time.

6. Basic Colors - A Dress That is Easily Paired with Other Items

In order for your multipurpose dress to indeed have multi purposes it should be a color that is easy to be paired with. It all depends on your color choice and whether you want to stay on trend. Basic blacks, blues, and earth tones are easily paired with. You may be a woman who considers herself to be more fashionable and can therefore pull off daring looks. For the rest of us, stick with the basics.

7. Your Personal Style - A Dress That Represents Who You Are

Perhaps the most important thing to look for in a multipurpose dress is that it represents your personal style. Your clothes should speak to who to you are today and the life that you lead. Your clothes speak to people before you mouth ever utters a word. You want to carry yourself with confidence. The perfect multipurpose dress should make you feel comfortable and fabulous.

Overall, your multipurpose dress is an investment piece. After all, you are likely to wear this dress to a variety of events in a variety of ways. Because this one piece of clothing is so versatile, it makes sense that you invest in a dress with outstanding quality. Trends will continue to change, but your little black dress will always be in style.

Choose a multipurpose dress that incorporates all the tips that we’ve given without leaving out the most important attribute of all, you.