Wednesday, 02 August 2017

9 Ways to Fashion Better

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There are some lucky individuals who have a deep understanding of fashion and instantly know what works for them and what they should stay away from. Others have a much harder time.

They don’t how to dress for their body shape, how to pick colors that work, how to accessorize and style themselves.

For all those girls that struggle with fashion, here are some tips that will elevate your look.

1) Understand your Body Shape

Before you head out to raid the boutiques, take a good look at the mirror and figure out the shape of your body. Understanding your body will automatically make you better at styling yourself.

There are four main types of body-shapes which most women will fit in: straight, apple, pear and hourglass. A straight body is one where the waist is less than 9-inches smaller than the bust or hips, this body type isn’t as curvaceous. An apple-shaped body is one that is top-heavy. The shoulders are usually wide, with a big bust. A pear-shaped body is the opposite of an apple-shaped body. Pear-shaped bodies are bottom heavy, they have hips that are significantly wider than the bust. Lastly, the hourglass figure is the most curvaceous, this is where the bust and hips are almost the same size and the waist is much smaller.

Every body shape is beautiful in its own way, you just need to learn how to style it properly.

2) Take Risks

A pair of jeans and a T-shirt may be comfortable but it isn’t the most fashionable outfit. Don’t count on it to make a big impression anywhere. If you want to make a statement with your clothes then you need to put in some more effort. Try a different style of jeans. High-waisted jeans will make you look edgier as soon as you slip into them. Wear them with a matching crop top and some funky heels or stylish sneakers. If you want to be more fashionable, block out the boring basics when you shop and take more risks.

3) Layering

Take a look at any fashion magazine, how many items of clothing are the models in them wearing exactly? It’s usually quite a few. Layering is one of the oldest techniques in fashion to keep the eye hooked. When done right, it can take your look to the next level.

A floral maxi-dress in the summer looks beautiful but if you put on a leather jacket on top you add another dimension to the outfit. The same way, wearing a blazer or an oversized cardigan over the simplest of outfits can make a big difference.
4) Embrace colors

The colors you wear say a lot about your personality. Dull grays, whites and blacks won’t be saying very much. How depressing will fashion ramps be without the magic of the hot colors of the season?
Wearing bold colors draws attention. You don’t have to have color on the entire outfit but having some punchy colors always makes the outfit more fun. Think of the effects of a bright yellow lemon blazer on a primary white outfit. All white clothing can be boring, the moment you bring in some color everything changes.

The colors don’t always have to be on the clothes themselves. You can accessorize with colored jewelry, shoes, scarves or even just makeup but you should definitely play with them.

5) Go Vintage

The fashion world is wide-open today; you get away with wearing anything if you can pull it off with confidence. A lot of the trends you see now are such as high-waisted jeans and crop tops are fashion trends from a couple of decades ago. Since fashion is cyclical, vintage pieces make a strong statement.

Many young celebrities like Megan Trainer and Taylor Swift are often seen sporting retro looks. Their high-waisted skirts printed tops and punchy colors make them look chic and stand out amongst the crowd.

6) Mix & Match

Whether its colors or sizes, mixing and matching pieces that don’t look like they will work is a skill you need to learn if you want to be making a bold fashion statement.

A couple of years ago it was all about color blocking; you couldn’t go wrong brightening up neutral colors with vibrant primary colors or neons. Today it’s to do with size - you would have noticed that wearing over-sized jackets and cardigans over a mini-skirt or crop top works brilliantly.

7) Style yourself differently

Have you spotted fashionistas who just slip on their jackets over their shoulders or those who tuck in their tops only halfway? Well, these are all people who know that styling differently goes a long way.

Get yourself in front of the mirror and experiment with tucking in shirts that aren’t meant to be tucked in or draping a blazer around your shoulder to see how it affects your look.

8) Accessorize

Accessories are not given enough credit when it comes to styling. Your accessories embellish your outfit. If your outfit lacks a little bit of oomph then adding some accessories to the mix should do the job.

A choker works beautifully on off-shoulder tops. A slim belt can accentuate the waist on a shirtdress. A necklace can take away from a plunging neckline which is why you’re better off just wearing some graceful earrings.
9) Shoes

Your outfit consists of everything from your head to toe. Often people forget that their shoes complete their look, especially when it comes to casual wear. Casual attire doesn’t need to look sloppy which is how you look when you choose to wear worn out sneakers.

Find yourself some comfortable but stylish sneakers that you can wear with your casual outfits. If you don’t already, keep the sneakers that you wear at gym separate to the ones that you wear when hanging with your friends.