Sunday, 24 September 2017

ChicP: Houmous Made From Raw Imperfect Veggies

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The inspiration behind ChicP is Hannah's passion to change attitudes to the way we approach cooking and waste... a chef turned entrepreneur.

Food waste is part of modern life, but it need not be this way.

ChicP’s ethos is to be part of the drive to encourage people to think differently about the way they eat.

Over the last seven years, I’ve cooked for families in the UK and all over Europe, predominantly as a private chef. I would often convert leftover Middle-Eastern inspired vegetable dishes into dips for the next meal.

Every day the question would be “what’s the dip of the day Hannah”?! While working for catering & events companies, I would witness the colossal volumes of food wasted. This combined with my love for healthy, fresh food, using local ingredients and creating new dishes from the food we already have in our homes, gave me the clear vision for ChicP.

Brand Ethos

Food Waste & Sustainability

ChicP was founded on a passionate commitment to reducing food waste. Supporting British farmers by using fruit and vegetables that are not seen ‘fit’ for supermarket use.

1. These include vegetables that are out-grades, mis shapes or class

2. Our commitment - 20-25% of raw ingredients come from surplus over the course of a year.

Quality, Healthy & Fresh

ChicP houmous is made primarily from raw vegetables, one of the healthiest food options available. All the hummus is high in protein and free from gluten, dairy and added sugar. Our carefully selected flavours are tasty, fresh and memorable.

Target Market

Health conscious customers, who look for delicious, versatile and sustainable food.


We will be working with nurseries and schools, to teach children how to be sustainable, reduce waste and eat fresh, delicious food.

The Range

Raw beetroot, horseradish & sage, a really fresh, beautiful coloured, healthy houmous with a strong kick from horseradish. Delicious with a salad, dip or snack. This earthy, green houmous is wonderful as an accompaniment to any meal. Packed full of antioxidant herbs. *parsley, it is fresh, delicious, full of protein and very few calories. Raw carrot, ginger & turmeric, this hummus has a fresh kick and is full of antioxidants. Great as a dip or with your meal.