Thursday, 23 November 2017

Mindful Drinking

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With one in four people cutting down on their drinking and millennials being the generation that drinks the less the market is crying out for a better choice of non alcoholic drinks. London is also leading the trend on drinking less alcohol with 2.2 million teetotal adults.

Corinna Pyke, Marketing Director of Borough Wines & Beers, is spearheading the campaign to bring a range of unusual, low sugar and delicious non and low alcoholic drinks to their nine shops and online website.

Corinna says, “I am really excited by the influx of low and no alcoholic drinks to the market and pleasantly surprised by the quality of them too. I wanted to create a range of drinks with the same care and consideration that we give to selecting the wines and beers that we stock. My main focus has been curating a selection of drinks with low added sugar and even though they have no alcohol in them have the complexities of flavour that is found in good quality wine. Our motto is to Drink Better and we are very excited to be bringing a new drinking experience to our customers.”

To align with exciting developments in the low alcohol market Borough Wines are creating a zero percent gin as part of their Distillers Development Series with Surendran & Bownes, the first distillers to join the programme. They will also be working with them to develop a gin for launch in 2018.

From December 2017 they will the exclusive supplier of two non alcoholic drinks that are set to take the market by storm namely Lurvills Delight and Nonsuch Shrubs.

Lurvills Delight’s range of botanical sodas are inspired by an original recipe created in the Welsh town of Rhonnda in 1896 by twins Harold and Iolo Lewis, that included stinging nettles and dock leaves and was infused with juniper berry extract. The profits made from the drink were used to pay for 150 coal miners and their families to emigrate to Pittsburgh and Denver in the USA. The drink ceased production in 1910 but was relaunched in Wales in 2016 by Dave Steward of Magnetic Brands who has bought it back to life with two inventive flavours.

The winner of a Great Taste Awards gold star in 2017 the Original flavour offers a sharp green apple-like taste, with hints of pine and the light pepperiness of juniper which are all balanced with natural rhubarb.

Their newest flavour Lavender Spice offers a uniquely spicy kick from the lavender flowers enhanced by aromatic, pungent ginger and the natural heat of horseradish - dry and aromatic with a light spicy finish.

Nonsuch Shrubs are a collection of fruitful, herbaceous, infused and uplifting drinking vinegars. A lightly sparkling blend of fruit juice, sparkling spring water and cyder vinegar with no added sugar.

Traditionally known as ‘shrubs’ this historical and globally celebrated cordial has been re-imagined into a sublime modern-day elixir by the Nonsuch master-blenders. Using infusions of fruit, herbs and apple cyder vinegar to create a unique harmony of savoury, sweet and sour, each flavour is designed to tantalise tastebuds and excite senses, taking people on a journey to a whole new, modern drinking experience – beyond alcohol, beyond soft drinks, quite literally, beyond compare.

Flavours include: Peach & Basil, Sour Cherry & Garden Mint, Blackcurrant & Juniper

Henry Chevalier Guild of Nonsuch Shrubs says, "If you're staying sober it doesn't mean you need to scrimp on your drinking enjoyment. Nonsuch Shrubs have been formulated with this specifically in mind. Based on the ancient art of drinking vinegars that date back to Babylonian times, our unique blend of fruit, vinegar and herbs give a modern twist to these ancient elixirs. The finely balanced combination of savoury, sweet and sour, makes Nonsuch a fabulous addition to all occasions - out for drinks or sitting down to dinner, don't be short changed if you're staying dry."

Borough Wines sees the range as a welcome addition to their existing products and will be expanding their range in the coming months and will have a series of tastings throughout December to promote mindful drinking and in January to support ‘dry January’ as well as food pairing events.

The drinks are available online here and retail at £1.95 for Lurvill’s Delight and £3.50 for Nonsuch Shrubs.

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