Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Kickstart The New Year With WOW!

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Wow Detox Drink

Get ready to kickstart the new year by detoxing with WOW one of the best detox drinks on the market right now.

First up is WOW Chia Seed drink - rich in plant based protein, fibre and omega 3. The healthy cold-pressed drink contains over 11g of chia, which packs an impressive punch of 7.25g of protein. A 250ml bottle will provide one of your five-a-day and contains 33% less sugar than other fruit juices.

Available in three flavours, watermelon & pomegranate; orange, mango & carrot and apple, spinach & kiwi, the wellness beverage can be bought in Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Coop, Ocado, Wholefoods and, from January 2nd, Boots.

The second drink in the range is Dark Detox, an activated charcoal drink. Recently, celebrity fans such as Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow and Shailene Woodley have been praising the multitude of benefits from activated charcoal juices and lemonades. However, until now, drinks containing the highly-sought after ingredient have come with a hefty price tag, with some fetching up to £3.99 for a bottle.

Dark Detox is priced at £1.89 for 250ml and available in selected Sainsbury’s stores. The functional drink is a blend of cold-pressed juice, filtered water, agave and activated charcoal, which helps maintain a healthy digestive tract by removing toxins. When consumed, gas and other impurities in your body are trapped by the charcoal pores, stopping them from being fully absorbed into the bloodstream. They are then removed naturally from your body. Cleansing toxins from your system can reduce bloating, increase energy levels and even improve your complexion.