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6 Tips To Help You Pick A Wedding Dress

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Picking a dress can be overwhelming and stressful due to the large number of choices available. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right dress for your special day that will help you save money and avoid mishaps.

Find Out What You Like

The easiest way to find out what appeals to you is by shopping around. Browse bridal magazines, Pinterest and check out celebrity wedding photos online for ideas. Once you've figured out what you want you'll want to try on dresses in person.

Just because something looks good online doesn't mean that it will be flattering and you may end up disliking it once you try it on. If you have a particular designer in brand you may want to find out if they have trunks shows in your vicinity.

Consider the venue and style of your wedding when picking out a dress. For example if you plan on celebrating at the beach you may want something more flowy and bohemian while a formal church wedding calls for a more traditional look.

Buy Strategically

Try to shop between during Cyber Monday as this is one of the busiest days for UK shoppers. As a result you're more likely to find a good deal during this time period. Black Friday is another super popular time to shop with many deals available.

Stores tend to buy new inventory during this time in order to get ready for the new year and as a result you're more likely to find great deals on older stock.

If you want individualized attention you'll want to shop during the weekdays instead of the weekends when shops are filled with customers. Set up an appointment ahead of time for the best service. Keep in mind that it can take several fittings before you find something you really like.

Set A Budget

Set a budget and stick with it if you want to be efficient and save money. Staying within your price point will allow for more time to go through the available choices and find something you truly like. Keep in mind that you may need to get your dress altered which can add additional costs. You will also want to consider the cost of accessories which may include shoes and jewelry. If you're on a budget you may want to consider a wedding dress hire option which will allow you to wear a more expensive gown at a lower price

Bring Shapewear & Lingerie To The Fitting

If you plan on wearing a strapless bra or shapewear like Spanx on your wedding day you'll want to bring it with you the fitting. Trying your dress on with your lingerie will let you see how the dress will really look.

Bring Moral Support

Your friends, mom or sister can all make excellent shopping partners. Pick someone you're comfortable with and whom you trust for advice. Remember that you have the final say.

Read The Fine Print

Make sure you read the fine print and find out what the return policy is before making a purchase. You'll also want to find out how long it will take for the dress to be made and shipped out as some custom gowns may take as much six months to arrive.