Tuesday, 30 January 2018

How to Freshen-Up Your Wardrobe for 2018

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As we make our way through the start of a new year, it's time to step up on those new years' resolutions.

Self-improvement and organising your home are often on everyone's list for starting the year right, so now is the perfect time to sort out your wardrobe, and make sure that this year is a fabulous one!

What You Should Keep

It can be hard to get rid of some of your clothes, but having an organised wardrobe will make your daily routine much more efficient. The first things that need to go are items that are heavily worn and damaged, which includes your favourite sweater that your shrunk in the wash and is now unwearable! If you have items in your wardrobe that you bought 2 years-ago and they still have labels on, they need to go too. It's fairly easy nowadays to sell your unwanted items online, with sites like eBay and Depop.


After you've cleaned out your wardrobe a little, putting everything back appropriately is the key to keeping things organised, you don't want your hard work to go to waste. Sorting things out by season will help to make space in your wardrobe, as things that will not be used for 6 months can be stored away until the weather is more appropriate. How you store your clothing is up to personal preference, but there are plenty of great hacks that could inspire you. A great one to help tackle your hoarding problem is one bloggers' great coat-hanger tip, which will help to ensure your wardrobe is completely wearable.

Doing Some Good

Whilst you are cleaning out your unwanted clothing, you should use this as an opportunity to do something good. Donating clothing as well as other unwanted goods, is a great way to help out your local charities. You should also check your local area for clothing banks, which provide clothing to the poorer or homeless people in your community. If you have clothing that is no longer wearable, these can be recycled too.

Fashion Forward

Freeing up space in your wardrobe might be exciting and spark an urge to go shopping, but here is where you should start to think responsibly. A lot of fashion in modern times has become 'disposable', and it's unfortunate that clothing nowadays has such a short lifespan. When buying new clothes, you should consider how ethical and sustainable the brand you are purchasing from is. Shopping in charity shops is not only good for your purse, but also a much more sustainable fashion friendly option. High-end fashion can also be good too, by choosing brands that are ethically friendly, use sustainably sourced materials, or help to support and promote charities. Sustainable fashion is important and often forgotten about. Brands such as Beulah London create sustainable designer clothing that supports a great cause, and you should definitely learn more about who Beulah are, and other great companies like them.

Organising your wardrobe will boost your mood for the new year, and you'll be doing good for others too. Good luck with your wardrobe sort-out, and remember to be fashionably forward-thinking!