Thursday, 01 February 2018

5 Tips to updating old jewellery and making it modern

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Having the right piece of jewellery can make or break an outfit.

If you have been keeping some old items in your jewellery box because you feel that they are too old-fashioned, here are some tips on how you can make them more modern.

1. Make it shine - if you have stored your jewellery inside its box for a long time, the first thing you should do is to have it cleaned. You can do that yourself, just do a little research that you are using the right tools to do the process. If you're getting an heirloom piece, make sure you know exactly what metal it is made of so that the right chemical will be used. You can try the tried and tested baking soda trick, while some even use their toothpaste to clean their jewellery. Also, make sure to bring it in for jewellery repair in case there are loose stones or maybe it needs to be resized.

2. Turn it into another piece of jewelry - if you want to try and update the old jewellery you have, why not turn it into another piece of jewellery? If you have a necklace that was given to you or you bought years ago and now you're finding it hard to wear because it might be too gaudy or you don't like the chain because it's too thick or chunky for your taste, why not get the pendant and have it turned into a broaoh? That way you can still wear it without putting too much attention on the chain it had before. With a brooch, you can attach it to your clothes for an added flair.

3. Incorporate it into a new piece - if you were gifted with a piece seems too outdated, why not take some pieces of the original jewellery and use it to create a new one or to update another piece you have. You can take some of the precious stones from a ring and turn it into earrings, or you can have the metal from a necklace melted then turned into a ring. Make sure to bring it to a professional instead of trying it out for yourself.

4. Paint it to give it a dash of colour - are your old jewellery pieces too dull to match any of your clothes? Make it modern by painting it a bright, lively colour. Of course, this trick does not do well with all types of jewelry. If you precious, heirloom pieces made of gold, silver and precious stones, don't paint it. But if you bought some vintage ones made of less precious metals at a thrift store years ago, you can make it more modern by painting them. Research on the type of paint you can use and make sure to follow the process carefully.

5. Change the setting so it does not feel so antique - sometimes the setting is all you need to change, as it might be too old-fashioned. Consult with a jewellery maker on how you can make a ring, earring or necklace more modern by simply changing the setting where the stone or stones are placed.