Thursday, 22 February 2018

7 Nutrients You Need for Glowing Skin and Healthy Hair

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Want to be on top of your face and hair care game? Well, ladies --- it's time to really do something to tackle skin and hair issues and redefine your beauty.

And we are not talking about some crazy gimmicks or hacks that sound too good to be true. Similarly, we are not asking you to rush to the nearest store right away and buy yourself the most expensive creams in the world to get rid of fine lines!

Remember, if you can't treat the insides of your skin, then there's entirely no use of healing the outsides of it. And like you always hear your mom tell you, 'you are what you eat' here's a list of all the food items you need to consume to make your face glow and your hair shine!

1. Blueberries

Known as the little blue dynamos, these cute small tasty fruits indeed work like dynamites to stop your skin from aging and give you glowing skin. It does sound very unbelievable, but these low profile berries have been ranked number one in the antioxidant activity by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Now if you are freaking yourself out by noticing the appearances of dry wrinkles, prominence of the varicose veins, spider veins or other signs associated with aging then you need to buck up with your blueberry strategy as one would instead like to call it.

You need to understand that not everything inside your body is living under some musical bliss and whenever stress and anxiety give it a chance, your body retaliates by the production of free radicals as a result of oxidation of individual molecules inside your skin.

These magical berries not only stop this destructing process but also provide your body with proanthocyanidins, which are chemicals that help stimulate your hair growth. The best part ladies is yet to come! These berries also have a very high concentration of salicylates which is used in many topical acne medications. So basically this fruit is a triad of healthy skin, long glossy hair and natural protection from acne.

2. Spinach:
Another item, a vegetable this time is another life-saver with its multifactorial effects of bringing the perfect tone to your skin and the ideal weight to your hair. As children, we were only fascinated by the enormous amount of strength it provided Popeye the sailor man to knock down so many men at once. But now girls, it's time that you mesmerize yourself over the potential of spinach to make you look gorgeous than ever.

So basically just like the berries, spinach also consist of vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant, and at the same time, it also contains vitamin B, C, K and some very essential minerals namely magnesium, calcium, and most importantly iron! So to put it all together, you need to know that your hair needs the oxygen supply to ensure its accelerated growth, which is apparently not possible without the pivotal role of iron in the transportation of oxygen to the hair follicles. Moreover, vitamin B protects your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun which is a huge plus.

3. Almonds:
So, who hadn't gone through the phase of life when your mother forced you to eat an almond a day to help you retain your history and English notes for the exam next day? Of course, everyone has! But now there's more reason to hog some more almonds than just retaining your memory.

Almonds according to recent research are excellent moisturizers for the skin. The constituents not only helps to smoothen down your complexion but also provides unique antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. So now you don't have to worry about itchy, red skin!

These healing nuts not only clarify your skin but are also of great help when it comes to increasing the hair shine and luster. In fact, essential fatty acids in almonds help strengthen the hair follicles and prevent hair loss.

4. Coconut

Another fruit that gives your hair great therapy is coconut. The healthy fats that it contains not only keep our skin from over-drying and becoming blotchy but also help our hair to remain thick and gorgeous. By regulating the natural pH of the skin, it helps to cleanse your skin and keep it alive. Once again the presence of vitamin K and iron miraculously treats the dry and frizzy hair, but what is more amazing about coconut is that its moisturizing effect on the scalp prevents dandruff too, thus keeping your hair free of white flakes.

5. Eggs

Who doesn't eat egg in the morning; whether it is poached or boiled, eggs are a natural favorite breakfast item in all the houses. However, you are going to love eggs more when you know that this food item is not just fulfilling you stimulated appetite in the morning but also provides you with some great nutrients to combat dead hair and skin.

Containing some very vital fatty acids and albumin an essential protein found in the human body, eggs never fail to nourish every part of your body especially the skin and the hair. What's more interesting is that with eggs around you, facial is never dull as you can come with many ways to use eggs to stimulate your healthy vitals. It keeps your pores closed and safe from the environmental damage and also helps to light your skin up, eliminating all the puffiness on your face.

6. Avocado

A universal hack that gives you the best result for your skin and hair therapy, avocado is nowadays found in nearly every cream or facial scrub available in the market. So this goes without saying that with its right amount of vitamin A, D and E and omega-9 fatty acids, it also stands in line with the other nutrients to keep you healthy and happy.

7. Tomatoes

Lastly, those women who are frequently exposed to the harsh rays of the sun because of their working conditions need not be afraid of harming their delicate skin. Tomatoes can protect your skin from damage in a way that no other natural ingredient can.

It is essential for us to understand that unless we don't work at the deepest level of the problem, start exercising and change our eating habits for good, it is not possible that our skin and hair get better.

The nutrients mentioned above provide us with the best nourishing effect that will eventually heal us inside out. So which of these ingredients would you add to your grocery list, let us know!