Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Best Wrist Watches 2017

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There is nothing that helps more to enhance your look than the accessories, and among them the one is a watch, an attractive and elegant watch or more casual, but classy.

Choose a good watch that feels good is very important and to help you make the right decision.

Perhaps because it is a more than usual object, we do not usually notice how wonderful this ingenuity is. It is the only instrument capable of measuring one of the most ethereal concepts that exist, time. Prodigies of miniature engineering, tools that ally with our mind to organize our lives.

The clocks and its functional aspect are not incompatible with artistic aspirations. A watch can transcend its utilitarian capacity and become a treasure.

We all know a lot about it; not in vain, after the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, watch making is for the country one of the most important engines for its exports.

Although for some time, the traditional watches have a powerful competitor: the smart. But everyone can live together, even if they have to share the portions of the cake.

The need to measure time is and will be unbreakable, and no one will ever have the ability to stop it. Enjoying life and taking advantage of time is always among our main objectives, and what better way to mark those unforgettable moments than with a beautiful clock.

Among the various leading brands that exist, we will give you some models of watches with style, most of them can find them in stores watches and jewelry online as it could be on Amazon, eBay, etc, or even on foot street in the jewelry and watch making always, but online there are always more offers and prices more adjusted.

Among all the models that we have seen we bring you the following list with the ones we liked the most, mainly due to its value for money. For more watches selections go through Ten Besties find it.

So, for all, punctual and unpunctual, here is the final ranking of the best watches that can be worn on the wrist. Check yours: do you have a few minutes? We have brought some leading brands watches that suit you, your style and day to day.

1. Nixon Sentry Leather

Since its inception, Nixon has focused on being a brand specialized in surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding. With this type of products, it is more than remarkable and marked his sporty and casual style, typical of men who want to mark a trend with a range of color options whose dial and strap stands out remarkably.

We are talking about one of the youngest brand on this list. With this model you can find that special touch for the look of any daring man with personality. With its brown leather strap and black dial, you can combine it with your more casual sets adding originality and good taste.

2. Seiko Automatic

Seiko is one of the best-selling watch brands in the world and talking about this brand means talking about more than a century of history. The Seiko is your watch if you are looking for something that suits well to any situation. A model that departs a little from the classic, although on the contrary it is very fresh and modern.

This in particular belongs to the Explorer collection and has a somewhat military touch where the bracelet is made of green fabric with a very versatile buckle closure, while the stainless-steel case has a green mineral dial as well.

3. Tissot

Tissot watch brand belongs to the giant Swatch as well as Hamilton, Omega or even Calvin Klein. With the Tissot, the Swatch group wanted to fill the space of its mid-range, however, "its mid-range" for many it is a high-end. In any case, today we could define Tissot watches as luxury watches at affordable prices.

An example of this is this Tissot model with which an exception has been made with a style between casual and formal, and with a modern and attractive design.

4. Diesel

When we talk about the Diesel that is designed for men who are not afraid to set trends and modernism, without a doubt Diesel is the option that goes most to the forefront.

Not suitable for anyone, wearing these watches one thing is certain: they will not go unnoticed. With boxes that are around 60 mm in diameter Diesel mega-watches are not for everyone.

In this list, we have tried to present several different models to be able to cover any type of taste and personality. The most important thing is to find the one that best suits you, your style, your taste, and your personality.