Wednesday, 09 May 2018

Nivea Sponsor Of Fashions Finest Africa

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Fashions Finest Africa

Fashions Finest Africa are excited to announce NIVEA as one of their sponsors for the up and coming Conference & Epic Show 25th – 27th May 2018.

They appreciate the support NIVEA has given them and see this as a huge step that will enable them to give a better and wider platform to the talented designers they will be showcasing and empowering for increased Nigerian participation in the global garment production industry. They look forward to a long-lasting relationship between both brands.

NIVEA will be putting on an exquisite show to end the Epic Show with an amazing celebrity designer.

About The Brand

Nivea’s Invisible for Black & White is the first- of- its-kind in the deodorant category, providing care for the skin as well as clothes. With a unique formula, the Nivea Invisible for Black & White deodorant range provides all day freshness leaving no yellow or white streaks on clothing.

It is essentially the No.1 deodorant for style! Fashion-conscious individuals will enjoy this unique deodorant as it enables users maintain a stylish look without the added worry of unsightly stains on their apparel.

The Nivea Invisible for Black & White range helps boost confidence and foster individual expression and freedom. It is not just a skincare product, it promotes a Stainless lifestyle.

Statement from NIVEA

Given the unique connection the Nivea Invisible for Black and White deodorant range has with style, Nivea is proud to be a sponsor of Fashions Finest Africa.

FFA is one of the foremost fashion platforms in West Africa that brings together key players and elements in the African fashion industry. The event presents an opportunity for the brand to showcase its unique qualities while creating a memorable experience for attendees.