Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Gal Gadot: The Secret to Wonder Woman's Beauty Looks

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Slender figure, flawless smile and shiny dark hair are just some of Gal Gadot’s main assets that make her one of the most attractive women in Hollywood.

The Israeli-born bombshell is known for her quiet charisma but that didn’t stop her from landing some major movie roles and maintaining the look of a fierce young woman who can take on the world. The former dancer and fitness instructor can’t thank just Mother Nature for all her flawless beauty, and she was more than willing to explain who was responsible for her current gorgeous look.

Wonder Woman Au Natural

Skin care regimen is quite basic for Gal Gadot. This exquisite thespian doesn’t like heavy makeup, and she’s basically bare-faced all day, until she has to go to the shoot, where she allows professionals to do their magic. She likes to keep her skin hydrated by drinking lots of water and always using the same skin care products that she knows her skin loves.

After waking up, Gal washes her face and always moisturizes. For everyday errands, she’ll put just a hint of mascara and a touch of blush, and she prefers to mix her foundation with a day cream for a more glowing and natural look. In case her skin gets extra dehydrated, she sprays a bit of Evian water spray to refresh her maquillage. Clean and hydrated skin is all that Gal strives for, so she never goes to sleep with her makeup on. This is especially true if she’s been filming all day, so she always takes all of her makeup off, washes her face, moisturizes and lets her skin breathe for as long as possible.

If you’ve been wondering what this stunning actress has in her travel beauty kit, you’ll be happy to know that she never leaves the house without the creams her aesthetician picked out for her. With a cleansing oil, she keeps her skin glowing and nourished, while her red lipstick is always by her side in case she needs an emergency glam-up. Travelling can take a lot of toll on the skin, so the Israeli beauty tries to take plenty of vitamin C during strenuous trips, so she drinks freshly squeezed orange juice to strengthen her immune system and replenish her skin and body.

The Secret To Her Physique

Physical activity has always been the key to a slender, attractive build, and the fact that this former beauty queen served as a soldier in the Israeli army has a lot to do with how stunning she is today. Gal used to play basketball, tennis, dodgeball and volleyball as a child, and today she tries to work out at least three times a week. The role of Wonder Woman brought on new exercising challenges, such as horseback riding, sword fighting, weight lifting and martial arts. Paddle boarding is one of her passions because it’s soothing, as she likes to point out.

Even though she has a gorgeous figure, the fans were still badgering the director for choosing Gal to play Wonder Woman because of her smaller bust, but she didn’t even flinch at all of the fuss. While she has undergone a rhinoplasty procedure in the past to make her nose narrower and pointier, the Israeli beauty did not undergo any cosmetic procedure to make herself a better Wonder Woman. She did, however, work tirelessly on her muscle build and spent hours at the gym every day. Being a dancer for twelve years and growing up with her mom who was a gymnastics teacher, physical activity was as natural to Gal as breathing. The mom of two enjoys Pilates from time to time and uses every spare moment to keep her body in shape.

Love The Locks

While most experts say that washing your hair every day is a disaster for the follicles, the Wonder Woman doesn’t care about it at all, and she treats her hair daily. With her favourite ampoules and hair treatments, Gadot keeps her hair clean and shiny every day. Using her favourite shampoo and serum, she allows her hair to grow well and strong, while never losing its natural shine. One of the signature moves for strong hair, as she suggests, is letting your hair dry naturally. Blow dryers, styling irons and curlers will only make a mess out of your hair, as Gadot likes to say, so if you want to have gorgeous and shiny locks, leave your hair drier at home even when you’re travelling, and let it dry out naturally.

Final Thoughts

From Miss Israel through joining the army and landing an iconic movie role, Gal Gadot is definitely one of the most amazing role models for women all around the world. Her strong charisma and warm personality daze fans all over the globe and now you know some of her beauty secrets that may just work for you as well.