Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Chiara Bordi An Italian Disabled Model Joins Fashions Finest AW19 Model Lineup

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Chiara Bordi

Chiara Bordi, 18 was born in Tarquinia, a small town near Rome. In July 2013, following a traffic accident, she lost her left foot.

It was a few months after this that she put on her first prosthesis leg, catapulting her into a completely different reality than the one she knew before.

However, Chiara was excited about finally being able to regain her daily life and immediately started to show others and herself, that although she had a disability, she was able to do everything that an able-bodied person could. Chiara started climbing, she got a diving license and also joined a disability awareness project that allowed her to tell her story in many Italian schools including a fashion one for which her love of fashion grew. She has done numerous shoots and fashion shows and worked with the London "Models of Diversity" an agency that fights to annihilate the prejudices in the fashion world and to encourage disabled people to love their own body even if not in line with the "stereotypes" set by the society.

Chiara has since participated in "Miss Italy" and against all the odds, she took third place and she is proud to have been the first young woman with a prosthetic leg to participate in a beauty pageant.

Chiara still has many goals to achieve but, step by step, with her prosthesis and a good dose of willpower she is sure she can achieve all her dreams.

On 16th February Chiara will walk at Fashions Finest AW19 for one or two designers. Her trip to the UK is sponsored by the charity ll Circolo London.