Friday, 01 March 2019

The Future is Female!

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A new exhibition, showcasing multidisciplinary artworks created by international female art leaders in the 21st Century, opens this month at the Dellasposa Gallery in London.

The 'Future is Female' opens on 19 March – 3 May, and aims to showcase the diverse expressions of femaleness. With its roots in Labyris Books’ eponymous slogan of the ‘70s, it aims to capture the universal female experience as well as individual instances of what it is to be female via the work of four artists working in different mediums, from sculpture to paintings and collage.

Jessica McBride, co-Founder of the gallery, Dellasposa, is working towards the wider representation of overlooked voices, bodies and talents in the art world. By showcasing work by female artists in the new exhibition, The Future is Female, McBride and her co-Founder, Julian Phillimore, are “doing their damnedest” to affect change in an industry that has as yet to fully examine and confront its inherent inter-sectional issues surrounding the female condition.

There are significant gaps in the narrow huddle of voices we hear in mainstream art. McBride believes women in particular have been “painted out of art,” and feels her role in the industry is to readjust the gender imbalance through Dellasposa and The Future is Female, expanding the art world’s capacity to include and actively promote female voices.

McBride feels the weight of responsibility as a gallerist to consider this imbalance consistently, radically and proactively. She says:

“You can see there are hundreds of women graduating in art history that are unable to move up the career ladder. As women are overlooked at the heights of their careers, so too are they overlooked at the beginnings.

Through the dynamics of the art market and the public institutions and museums, one can obtain there a clear inequality and gender disparity between male and female artists. Art by women has been under-appreciated, under-represented, and undervalued for centuries. Now, time is up. With this exhibition, we hope to shift awareness to the forces at play, and honour the achievement of female-created art. ”

By compiling the distinct yet analogous female voices in The Future is Female, McBride is paving the way for more accessible and better celebrated female creativity at Dellasposa.

Four artists’ work will be showcased in the upcoming exhibition. Alicia Paz, Tahnee Lonsdale, Gail Olding and Ehryn Torrell. The artists included in the exhibition all explore ideas of femininity and feminism through the subject of the female form, investigating received female roles in in contemporary life and the expression of personal freedom.

To find out more visit the Dellasposa website.