Tuesday, 05 March 2019

Occasion Wear For Spring/Summer

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The idea of a summer wedding may be perfect for the bride and groom, but for the guests, it can be challenging to find a dress that is fit for the occasion without causing overheating. However, there are a number of dresses perfect for a wedding, or any other event you might be attending in spring or summer, that will allow you to stay elegant and stylish whilst in the sun. Here, we’ve got a few examples.

The Full-Length Gown

Finding evening wear that perfectly flatters your body shape is something that us girls strive to achieve when hunting for dresses online or in-store. A full-length gown should always be a staple in your wardrobe. With a blush one shoulder maxi dress, you have the perfect combination of comfort and sophistication that lets you feel confident regardless of the occasion. With a ruffled midsection and curve-hugging design, you can feel like a Greek goddess whether you are attending as a bridesmaid or just looking to turn heads.

The Midi Dress

If the idea of a full-length gown does not appeal to you, then there are a number of other options that may be better suited, such as a midi dress. This stunning, stylish and modern design gives you the benefit of length, without restricting your movement. This emerald beauty has a sophisticated length that you would expect from evening wear, combined with the figure-hugging design of something far more casual. With open shoulders and breathable material, you can rest assured that you remain comfortable all night long.

To really make a statement with this dress, pair it with curled or wavy hair and neutral makeup. Strappy heels will not only help to add height for those that are a little on the short side, but it will also let the dress do the talking, allowing for an overall effortless look for any event.

The One Shoulder Dress

Finally, another dress that is perfect for any occasion in the spring/summer is a one-shoulder dress. This design allows for breathing room during the course of the day, especially when the weather gets warmer, helping you to combat the potential heat with ease. The figure-hugging design of the Monty frill one shoulder dress is the perfect option for combating the summer heat without compromising on style.

The over-the-shoulder design allows you to keep material to a minimum, reducing the overall weight of the dress and allowing you to sit and move comfortably throughout the day. To further the summery look, pair the dress with your favourite heel and a dewy makeup look, for a summer glow that is fit for all occasions.

Whether you’ll be attending a spring or summer event, there are a number of dresses on the market you can style and adjust to suit any occasion. From a body-con dress that accentuates curves, to a full-length gown, the choice is ultimately up to you.