Friday, 15 March 2019

Planning Your Range and How to Sell Your Brand

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Fashion Capital

You are ready to go with your customer profile, brand tone of voice and inspiration and now you need to determine your range plan.

In this masterclass Della will discuss how to:
• Interpret forecasted trends,
• How to select the right colour palette,
• And plan a viable and cohesive collection.

In this session Della will also include the final stage of the process, How to Sell Your Brand. During this part of the masterclass points of discussion will include:
• The importance of a brands website, paying particular attention to the overall look and feel 
• Should you host a press day?
• How to attract the right press, and ensuring you are targeting your customer profile.

Planning Your Range and How to Sell Your Brand With Della Nelson is due to take place on Thursday 28th March 10am – 12pm at Fashion Capital HQ in North London.

The masterclass is £50 and members can receive a 20% discount contact: