Thursday, 18 April 2019

Favourite Fashion Brand Revealed

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Have you ever wondered who the top Fashion companies or brands are? New research from, How To Dress Like, has analysed global search data has reveal every country’s favourite fashion brand.

When we look globally the fashion game is dominated by five big names,, H&M, Forever 21, Nike, and Adidas. came out top in 52 countries around the world, Nike in 46, Adidas in 42, H&M in 22 and Forever 21 in 17. is the UK’s most searched fashion brand with 3.4million searches, followed by (1.5million searches), River Island (1.3million searches), H&M (1.1million searches), and Topshop (1.1million searches).

In the USA, it is Forever 21 that gets the most searches, with 3.4million a month. This is followed by Nike (2.7million searches), Urban Outfitters (2.3million searches), Adidas (2.1million searches), and (1.9million).

Luxury Fashion Brands

Not only did the research look at high-street brands and retailers, but also some of the most popular luxury fashion brands.

Gucci dominated the list, coming out top in 110 countries. This was followed by Tommy Hilfiger (25 countries), Louis Vuitton (15 countries), and Balenciaga (14 countries).

In the UK it’s Ted Baker which comes out as the most searched, with 296,000 searches a month. This was followed by Gucci (198,000 searches), Tommy Hilfiger (170,000 searches), Louis Vuitton (157,000 searches), and Michael Kors (153,000 searches).

Louis Vuitton comes out top in the USA with 842,000 monthly searches. This is followed by Gucci (787,000 searches), Michael Kors (639,000 searches), Ralph Lauren (441,000 searches), and Calvin Klein (417,000 searches)