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 Monday, 01 July 2019


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If you've decided to take up swimming, then well done - that slim-but-muscular physique you've been yearning for could be just a few laps away.

However, even if you've got your towel, goggles and Fitbit packed into your bag, there might remain a big question mark over what you should wear.

Yes, you might not wear a huge amount while swimming, but what you do wear can make a big impact, of the right or wrong kind - and, of course, women can have makeup to think about as well.

Swimming Makeup: Don't Just Make It Up As You Go Along

Naturally, if you're carrying a little flab, that might be a major reason why you've decided to embark on a swimming regime in the first place. However, this isn't to say that you can't look good even the first time you hit the pool or ocean - and, for the ladies, makeup can play a big part in that.

You might not be able to wear your usual favourites, as they could too easily wash off in the water. Fortunately, though, makeup artist Linda Hay has told Harper's Bazaar various tips on how to get swimming-friendly makeup right.

If you will be swimming in the open air, as would be understandable given the beautifully scorching summer weather we've recently had, don't forget the sun protection! Fortunately, you can get some by applying a tinted moisturiser with SPF or a CC cream.

Either way, the substance won't turn cakey when you're in the H2O - and when it comes to eyeliner, opt for a pencil eyeliner that is oil-based and, hence, waterproof. Meanwhile, Yves Saint Laurent stocks waterproof mascaras in vibrant hues.

What Swimsuit Should You Choose?

Both men and women can find themselves faced with their own challenges when attempting to find the right swimsuit - and, by "right", we mean practical and functional while still looking good.

Complex shares advice for men who don't typically rock swimwear as well as a chiselled Daniel Craig. If you've got a belly that tends to seep over your swimming shorts, there are various tips and tricks which you can utilise to help yourself in visually obscuring the bloat.

The age-old advice to wear dark colours still works well, but you don't have to resign yourself to always wearing black; consider some shorts in navy or shades of grey and charcoal. However, don't buy into the myth that horizontal stripes make you look fatter; they actually do the opposite.

Overweight women, meanwhile, might seek a bikini capable of accommodating a relatively large bust - though, of course, slimmer women can also have that aim. Fortunately, the Independent lists various bikini options you could consider if you want to avoid a 'wardrobe malfunction' in the water.

Once you've got the swimwear and - if necessary - makeup sorted, why not make your swimming adventure into a fun overseas holiday? You could, for example, journey to an exotic setting for a fitness boot camp by Prestige Boot Camp.

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