Wednesday, 03 July 2019


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Wild Cosmtics

Wild has launched with a Business to consumer start-up range of eight deodorant SKUs across Stick and Roll on formats available as a one-off purchase or on subscription.

Customers can choose from one of four natural fragrance options including Mint and Eucalyptus, Rose and Geranium, Lemon and Thyme and an unfragranced version. All without Aluminium, parabens and sulphates commonly found in Antiperspirants. The range is also vegan friendly and never tested on animals.

Wild use active naturals to combat the smell of sweat whilst still allowing your body to sweat, which they see as a natural and important process used by your body to remove toxins and regulate temperature.

The Roll-On range comes in glass with refill bottles that will reduce plastic use by more than 80% vs normal deodorants.

Co-Founders Freddy Ward and Charlie Bowes-Lyon plan to use their extensive ecommerce experience to disrupt the fast-growing natural cosmetics segment across Europe.

As Marketing Director at HelloFresh Freddy helped grow the brand in the UK from less than 100 customers to over a quarter of a million monthly subscribers in 6 years. Charlie joins Wild on the back of a successful exit of his reusable coffee cup company Climate Cups where he saw the incredible demand for products that help reduce single use plastic waste.

Freddy Quotes: 

“Whilst the overall personal care category is in decline we see the opposite trend in natural cosmetics which is anticipated to continue to grow at 10% year-on-year for the foreseeable future.”

“As a market dominated by a few large incumbents we believe the deodorant category is ripe for disruption for smaller more agile, transparent and personalised brands which is what we hope to deliver with the launch of Wild.”

Charlie Quote: 

"As knowledge about the environmental effect of single use plastic and unsustainable business practices grows, consumers are beginning to demand a higher standard of product that has a positive impact ecologically. Wild will look to meet and exceed this demand. We feel we are in a position to create positive change and that's exactly what we aim to do."