Wednesday, 09 February 2011

Slim Gray

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Comedian Slim Grey
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After the Slim in Wonderland Show I wanted to catch up with Slim but didn't get the chance to, so I called him the day after and had a conversation with him about the show.

Hey Slim, how are you feeling after such a brilliant show last night?

I feel good, a bit tired but it was a great night and I am thankful of the turnout.

How did it feel to come back after 3 years of not doing a One Man Show?

Exciting! It was all about me and just for me. It felt different from being on a stage each weekend because the audience there are there to see other acts on the bill. But this was just about me and the audience made me feel special showing there appreciation by coming to see me.

Where do you draw inspiration from to write a one man show?

It all comes from personal experiences, because I feel that my audience can relate to that. You feel closer together like they know you because you are speaking on a 'personal level' as well as some thing's they may have been through also. Feeling comfortable to talk to your fans about the personal things you go through, overcoming it and celebrating that you have overcome it through comedy, that 'Everyday comedy'.

How do you stay on top of your game?

I keep variety in what I do and make my fans feel comfortable. Having versatility, because people can never figure out if I am from North, South, West or East London but they can still relate to what I am saying.

When it came to choosing Supporting Acts for your show, what was the process behind it?

Its important for me to give opportunities to those up and coming Comics whom I feel are the 'hard hitters' or are the best at that given time and give them a deserving platform to showcase their talent. I felt giving support to each other is important, Kevin J reached the stage and got the audience ready for me he raised the bar and so when I came on the energy was there and that gave me something to feed on.

I noticed there were some celebrities in the house who came to support (The likes of So Solid's Harvey, Rudy walker, Angela Wynter, Chucky Venn) to name a few, how did that make you feel to have support from them?

It always feels good to have support from them and its very much appreciated. In saying that when doing the show I focus mainly on the fans that have supported and came to support me, they are real to me and that's what keeps me going, their continuous support.

What was the preparation for the show like, I can imagine it must have been quite hectic?

Lucky for me I didn't have to worry about anything but to concentrate on my material and performing them on those two nights. Having Alison Bramble as Stage Manager and Sarah Moore who is my Manager how can anything not run smoothly. He chuckles and says "the advantage of having women run things is that nothing can really go wrong, can it"?

Its the second night, you've told your last joke, the audience still cheering, you come off stage, lights go off, what was that feeling like?

It was a relief, walking off stage and then exhale, its over after preparation and doing it two nights in a row, its over and the thought that came to mind was that is the end story 'Was he funny'?

After having been called back to the stage a few times I can safely say yes, you were funny.

What would you say to those Comics coming up that see what you do and want to emulate you?

I have been doing comedy for 17 years and the one thing I will say is that for them to come into it for the right reasons. Concentrate on your art and be sure you are in it for the long run. Longevity is something that is paramount in this business. Keep focused and you will get there.

What can we expect from Slim in 2011?

'Things are looking bright'. I have a few projects in the pipeline one being with Adam Deacon, Angie Le Mar, Snakey Man and Ashley Walters, a project by So Solid's Harvey so keep an eye out for that, also some theatre and shows in New York, Holland and LA.

Lastly if you could do anything different what would it be?

I would have liked to have had a 'Meet and Greet' with my supporters, have a chit chat and take pictures but I couldn't due to press related things but hopefully next time I'll b able too.

Thank you for taking the time out to speak with me. We at Fashions Finest wish you the best of luck in all your endeavours and hope to see much more of you in the future, Thank you and take care.

Thank you, much appreciated.

Slim will continue his One Man Show in Birmingham on 16th April 2011.