Wednesday, 10 June 2020

British Business Afrocenchix Is Saving Our Scalps!

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Founded by Joycelyn Mate and Rachael Corson. Afrocenchix is the award winning, British natural hair care company seeking to blend top quality ingredients and make high performing products for afro and curly hair.

Afrocenchix was formed when Joycelyn, who was on a seemingly endless quest for quality hair care products that actually worked and Rachael, who suffers from eczema and was eager to find a beauty product she wasn’t allergic to, came together to create great haircare products which they could rely on to meet their needs.

In 2011, Afrocenchix gained an award for ‘Ethical and Sustainable Business Innovation’ from the University of Birmingham, and this boost encouraged them to take their small enterprise to the next stage and in 2016 they went on to win the 2016 UCL Entrepreneurship Award. The two friends have since gone on to win awards in many different arenas, because of their great products which are really working for women all over the UK and indeed the world.

Afrocenchix products are expertly researched and are derived from 97-100% natural ingredients, and Joycelyn and Rachel pride themselves on using ingredients that are vegan, free from cruelty, SLS/sulphates, parabens, silicons and artificial fragrances. Afrocenchix products are never tested on animals, environmentally friendly preservatives are always used, and their raw materials are always ethically sourced. The ladies also blend 100% essential oils to make the beautiful scent that makes their products smell so great, so the product is a treat for your senses, and good for your body as well as the environment.

Supporting Britain is also important to the company, and they work with UK scientists and chemists & use British suppliers and manufacturers to create all of their products. The Afrocenchix range is the first of its kind to be stocked in Whole Foods Market UK and Holland & Barrett (online and in store at the Bullring, Birmingham). Their products are also available online, and in many independent health stores across the UK as well as in Paris, New York and Melbourne.

Afrocenchix also recently launched their very own, Personalised Subscription Club for Afro Hair Products or ‘Sub Club as it is known. This great idea allows customers to subscribe and save money on their favourite products, over and over again.

Modern life means that consumers are often busy, likely to forget about ordering their hair products and in turn, use poor alternatives to care for their hair. The current Covid-19 situation hasn’t helped matters either and has resulted in the curly and afro hair community being unable to easily purchase safe and effective hair products.

“At Afrocenchix, we believe that everyone should be able to look after their hair without compromising their health or wellbeing. We introduced subscriptions to make it super easy for women with Afro & curly hair to access safe, effective products.” said Rachael Corson, Afrocenchix Co-founder.

The ‘sub club’ service allows individuals to select the frequency of repeat deliveries, to arrive at their door automatically, and with 5% off the price too. The seamless service means that customers never run out of their curly and afro hair essentials, and the club perks include surprise gifts and first access to Afrocenchix events as well as the option to try out new products as they are developed. Find out more about the sub club service here.