Sunday, 05 July 2020

Only Curls Unveils New Rainbow Packaging

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Only Curls
Bestselling brand Only Curls, has unveiled gorgeous, feel-good rainbow packaging to uplift the curly-haired nation
- with the rainbow becoming synonymous with positivity during the current climate, and so many consumers revealing their naturally curly hair during lockdown, it’s no wonder Only Curls has become the go-to range delighting both new and existing curly-haired consumers. The new packaging and products have received rave reviews with consumers saying it has ‘brought them joy during lockdown’.

• Only Curls sold out of 10,000 bottles in the first days of lockdown with a huge waiting list
• Curly consumers ‘LOVE’ the beautiful ‘grammable new packaging in rainbow colours that have become synonymous with joy
• The range consistently receives 5-star reviews with some consumers saying it has ‘transformed their lockdown locks’
• The brand was started by Lizzie Carter who wanted to cater for those with natural curls – a start-up with no investment the brand has now reached its 30,000th order
• The range is made in the UK and is Cruelty-Free & Vegan
• All the bottles made from BIO-PLASTIC and are 100% recyclable

Founder, Lizzie Carter started this brand with no investment when she couldn’t find a chemical-free range which catered to her own curly locks. The Only Curls range, consisting of a Hydrating Curl Creme, Enhancing Curl Gel, All Curl Cleanser and All Curl Conditioner has now gained a huge, loyal following helping curly-haired women love their curls with confidence. The Only Curls range has been tested on all curl types and are specially formulated to encourage curly girls to ditch the chemicals and forget the straighteners

The packaging is not only beautiful, the bottles are Bio-Plastic which is 100% recyclable. BIO-PLASTIC is a new eco-friendly alternative to plastic materials, produced from renewable natural sources, with the new Only Curls packaging being made from Sugarcane by-product.

Only Curls All Curl Cleanser - £16.00 (300ml)
This gentle foaming, sulphate-free shampoo will cleanse curls thoroughly without stripping hair of its natural oils. A special blend of Avocado and Kukui Oils naturally moisturise hair and scalp, helping to detangle, add shine and reduce frizz. The results: clean, hydrated, happy curls.

Only Curls All Curl Conditioner - £16.00 (300ml)
A super-hydrating conditioner that boasts a special blend of Jojoba, Coconut, Avocado, Kukui, Argan and Macadamia oils to naturally moisturise hair and scalp. Hair is left detangled, nourished and healthy, whilst adding shine and reducing frizz.

Only Curls Hydrating Curl Cream - £16.00 (250ml)
Nourish your curls with this hydrating curl crème that smoothes curls and minimises frizz. Shea Butter, Marula Oil and Aloe naturally replenishes moisture and restores curls back to their natural curl pattern.

Only Curls Enhancing Curl Gel - £16.00 (250ml)
Define curls with this oil infused gel that holds curls in shape while adding shine and moisture. Avocado Oil, Kukui Oil and Aloe naturally hydrates curls, minimises frizz and maximises curl impact.

Hundreds of reviews have been flooding through from the curly haired community during lockdown…

AMY M, United Kingdom
‘Until isolation I’ve just always thought I had frizzy hair with a bit of a wave. I have tried so many products in the and they either made my hair greasy, did nothing or made it flat. I stumbled across the curly girl method and Only Curls and within 6 weeks I’ve seen a massive difference. I actually have controlled waves bordering on curls and it is already feeling much healthier! I am really pleasantly surprised!’

JESSICA E, United Kingdom
‘I started my curl journey when we went into lockdown in the UK, I didn’t know where to start. I read good things about Only Curls and I can say my curls went from being super frizzy to being defined and bouncy. I definitely recommend this product especially if you don't know where to start.’

SARA I, United Kingdom
‘For years I have straightened my hair - thinking my curls would never be neat enough for going out in public. The one silver lining to lockdown is that I've had the time to look after my hair and test out these products. I've been using a combination of the shampoo, conditioner and enhancer for 2 months and I can't believe this is my natural hair.’

The range which includes a Cleanser, Conditioner, Enhancing Curl Gel and Hydrating Curl Crème is available from priced at £16 each with a starter pack of all four starting at £30.