Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Digital Startup Showcases Community-Based Talent

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Self-funded London based digital startup founded by Nigeria-British Mumpreneur showcases community-based talent from around the world.

Community-based cultural tailors, afro hairdressers, and diverse beauty service providers are given new opportunities for business growth via rising fashion, hair and beauty platform stylzmag.com

With a focus on ethnic and diverse fashion, hair, and beauty, StylzMag’s vision is to create space where the diaspora and generational descendants of ethnic settlers can easily connect with service providers that can cater to their hair, skin, and cultural ideals of beauty.

With this focus in mind, StylzMag founder Candy-Ellie Graham took to her local community to spark conversations about the issues in reaching new customers and vice versa, and the opportunities StylzMag is bringing to diverse fashion, hair and beauty service providers.

She says “I went out into the community and spoke to local tailors, hairstylists and traditional beauty service providers such as henna artists and African head wrap (gele) tiers. Some of them spoke about losing foot traffic to the locations they worked in due to gentrification, and not knowing how to reach new customers. They were very excited about being included in StylzMag and the opportunities it could bring them.”

Hackney-based tailor Mussa Embalo who has extensive fashion design and tailoring experience had struggled to promote his services due to his lack of web and marketing knowledge.

He had placed a small handwritten sign on the window of the store he worked from in the hope that it would garner enough attention via foot traffic. After meeting with StylzMag founder Candy and getting signed up to the directory, he expressed his relief and excitement about not having to worry about getting a website straight away or figuring out how to utilise social media for marketing. He says “I like this platform, it is a good idea and it looks nice too. It’s easy to use. I am happy to be part of it and to hopefully get more customers.”

The platform also allows for web-savvy service providers to expand their reach even further by joining the platform and integrating their existing booking system to their StylzMag profile.

StylzMag founder Candy-Ellie Graham says “Coming from a marketing background I know it's good business sense to promote your services across as many platforms as possible.

Ease of participation is a key part of the StylzMag user experience - so I wanted service providers to be able to continue to manage bookings from multiple sources (including StylzMag) from one place.”

Although based in the United Kingdom, StylzMag reaches far beyond borders, offering the ability for service providers in any region of the world to list their services. This worldwide reach brings business to customer interaction to an entirely new level, as potential customers can filter services to those in locations they are new to or visiting, as well as in their region. This is in addition to specific service filtering.

Membership options for StylzMag begin at £3.99 per month with no commission taken on bookings and the platform is more than just a web-based directory. Also accessible through an app, the service offer includes a job board, interactive style galleries, and the blog is consistently updated with trending stories, relevant beauty information, and exciting news.

StylzMag.Com is growing fast and is on its way to being the leading platform for ethnic and diverse fashion, hair, and beauty.