Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Nae FW 20/21 Vegan Shoe Collection

Written by Nae Shoes
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Vegan shoe brand nae (no animal exploitation) is a Portuguese shoe brand, born in 2008 and based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Their goal is to be a fair and animal-friendly alternative against human exploitation and respecting the environment. All the products are ethical and designed for the consumer and their daily comfort, and the materials we used are all-natural and ecological.

The products are manufactured only in certified factories in Portugal, where employees are respected and don't use any product from animal origin or that damages the environment. Moreover, we work with natural materials such as cork, organic cotton and pineapple, recycled materials as PET - recycled plastic bottles collected from the oceans, and synthetic materials as ecological microfibers.


This is what they had to say about the collection.

Our new collection called Off.home. represents our much-desired reunion with the open sky, the vegetation and planet Earth. This is our reconciliation with nature as an extension of our own home. We were told to stay home. We were locked inside, closed, safe. We were forced to give up the fresh air; to give up nature. This was an opportunity to expand our awareness of our inner nature. We need to value the fact that we are also a crucial part of it.

We belong to nature.

We're finally back Home.