Monday, 09 November 2020

How to Pick Your Everyday Cologne

Written by Carol Trehearn
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Cologne is an important part of a man’s morning routine. It gives you a sense of style and, when used correctly, shines a light on your personality.

Unfortunately, picking one can prove to be difficult. It isn’t as simple as looking at a pair of jeans or a hat and thinking, 'that’ll suit me.’ Scents progress over the day, so how one smells in the morning can differ in the evening. Everyone’s noses are different, too, so what works for one person won’t for another. That doesn’t mean you should give up on finding your signature cologne, however, as here is an easy guide to choosing the right one for you.
Consider Your Personality

A fragrance and a personality should go hand in hand. That doesn’t mean if you are loud, you should cover yourself in cologne; it just means you should pick the scents that compliment who you are. Are you a wild one? A leader? On the quiet side? All of these factor into what sort of perfume will suit you. That way, when someone first meets you, your cologne will speak for you.

Visit A Department Store

Don’t just go with the best-looking bottle. Visit your nearest department store and take time to try the ones that catch your eye. You shouldn’t smell more than three at a time, and make sure you only spray one on to you at a time, as you don’t want them to mix! Give the fragrance time to sink into the skin and see if you like it once the evening comes. This is a time-consuming but effective way of choosing the cologne for you.

Subscription Boxes

If you find wandering through department stores dull, then you can try new colognes from home! Find a subscription box such as for a delivery each month of a new fragrance. This way, you won’t be spending full price on a large bottle, and you’ll get to try a large variety over time.

Ask Your Partner

If you have a partner, ask them what sort of fragrances they like. Of course, your partner’s preferences shouldn’t be the only factor in your decision, but if they are going to be smelling you each day, then it makes sense that you ask their opinion. After all, you want a scent that will be attractive to them!

Read The Notes

Take time to figure out which scents you like in colognes. There are three layers to fragrances, and each of them plays a different role. By knowing which ones you like, you’ll be able to choose a cologne based on the ingredient list, or at least know that you won’t hate it!

Ask Your Friends For Advice

If you’re completely stuck, then friends can help guide you. If you have a friend that always smells amazing, then they could point you in the right direction of a great brand. Before long, you will find a cologne that has you feeling confident and attractive. It just takes a little time and experience to get there!