Thursday, 26 November 2020

Why Luxury Fashion Brands Turn to Print Marketing

Written by Eleven Tenths
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Georgie Cobbs - Unsplash

While we’re all aware that pretty much everything happens digitally these days, print marketing still plays a vital role in the world of luxury fashion.

It brings benefits that can’t be achieved on a screen, and a result is much more likely to stand out to its audience. You may be wondering is one platform better than the other? Or is there a way to bring print and digital marketing together?

Why Print?

No matter how advanced a smartphone or computer is, it’s never quite the same as seeing a printed photograph. This is why fashion brands turn to magazines and booklets for advertising. Particularly luxury brands. Designers want to show off their pieces in the best possible light. Stylists and photographers prefer the controlled medium of print, versus the individual’s screen - where lighting and size can impact how a person sees an image. Plus printed ads have a much more luxurious feel.  A recent study showed that households with higher incomes receive twice as many periodicals, compared to those with lower. The very fact an ad is printed makes it feel more exclusive.

Maintain Relevancy

In a world where people are seemingly endlessly scrolling on their phone, it can be hard for brands to get noticed. So printed ads still play a prominent role in a luxury brand’s campaign. Véronique Louise, Moët Hennessy’s Global Branding and Media Director, said “Print is a natural place to belong for luxury brands – they share similar values. In a world of fake news and superficial images, where time is lacking, print publications stand for substance and meaning.” Printed ads can offer assurance behind the quality of the product.

Omnichannel Marketing

So we’ve established that print is still important for a luxury brand. However, in this day and age, you can’t just focus on print. You need to run digital campaigns, too. This is where omnichannel marketing comes into play. Omnichannel marketing is where you use different channels to give customers are seamless, integrated, shopping experience. Say for instance a shop can advertise its best-sellers on its website, but people still want to go instore and check out the products for themselves before buying. Omnichannel marketing is designed to give customers a smooth experience from as soon as they spot the product to when they end up buying it. This helps retain customers. It’s been shown that companies which implement a successful omnichannel campaign keep - on average -  89% of their customers. 

In the world of luxury fashion, the print platform is well and truly here to stay. However, it’s exciting to think about how campaigns in the future will integrate print and digital even more to promote a brand. Do you have a preference print and digital ads?