Thursday, 04 February 2021

4 Benefits of Growing a Beard

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Erik Mclean

Growing a beard is desirable among men because it adds to their character, speeds up their morning routine because they can skip that razor, and several other reasons as well.

If your job doesn't require a clean-shaved face, then you may want to try growing a beard. With a beard, you can enjoy the following benefits

1. Sun Protection

One of the main benefits of having a beard is to protect your face from the heat of the sun. Although it can't fully protect your face from all UV rays, it does provide interference for a significant portion of them. If you can't grow a full, thick beard, you can use beard growth products from the list of Dapper Mane. By regularly using beard growth products, you can achieve your dream beard. 

Too much exposure to the sun increases the risk of developing non-melanoma skin cancer. That's why sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 and higher are recommended to help protect your skin from UV exposure. If you don't like or don't have the liberty to apply sunscreen on your skin throughout the day, having a beard can help protect your face.

As mentioned, a beard can't fully protect your face from the sun's UV, so you shouldn't make it a reason to stay under the sun for an extended time without additional protection.

2. Natural Moisture

When you grow a beard, you're also helping retain the natural moisture on your skin. It means you can keep the skin on your face young and smooth for longer. Because you're not continually using a razor, you're preventing your glands from being eroded, which is a side effect of too much shaving. 

When sebaceous glands, also known as your face's built-in moisturizing regimen, are functioning normally, they can secrete enough natural oil to moisturize your skin. 

Moreover, when you grow your beard, you avoid your skin getting dry due to changes in the season like cold and heat, which cause skin dryness.

3. More Masculinity

Although it's subjective, having a beard can make some men more attractive. Some women perceive a beard as a sign of masculinity and prefer to have a relationship with men who have beards. Subconsciously, some women may believe that men with beards have stronger personalities they can rely on.

The secret to having appealing and attractive facial hair is to make your beard stylish, clean, and fragrant to compliment your style. You can do this by regularly washing it because it filters all types of dirt and allergens, and no one is attracted to a beard full of detritus.

4. Traps Allergens

Beards may also help you by trapping allergens. Your facial hair can filter out some particles, so the allergens can't settle or go into your respiratory organs. So, if you suffer from dust or pollen allergies, you may benefit from growing a beard. However, be sure to regularly and frequently clean your beard in order to remove allergens from your facial hair—accumulating allergens in your beard will negate the benefits it brings by keeping these particles from getting into your airways initially. 


Growing a beard can help you in many ways, such as moisturizing your skin and boosting your aesthetic. You also get some protection from the sun and allergens. To maximize these benefits, you should keep your beard clean and wash it daily.