Tuesday, 09 February 2021

Oke London Creates Warri-Ors In Us All

Written by Ariatu PR
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Oke London

Slow-fashion, Black owned brand, OKE London, launches with their first piece – Oyivwi and all the pieces of jewellery are made ethically in Africa, supporting local jobs and the economies.

Mirroring the rich heritage belonging to the Urhobo people of Warri in Southern Nigeria, OKE London is made for strong, successful women with a flair for style - Warri-or Women. OKE London’s first collection provides a subtle, cultural touch to any outfit, from day to night. The versatile pieces - made from the finest 24k gold, brass and wood – brings customers that one step closer to home, even from thousands of miles away. 

OKE London launched in January 2021 with its first piece - Oyivwi ; a beautiful set of brass drop earrings, with white and black wooden beads hanging on each end. Oyivwi, which means boldness in Urhobo, offers a delicate, ancestral statement to any chic outfit. This piece can be dressed up or down, complementing both a modern two-piece suit, or alternatively, a casual dress and trainers.

Two other pieces feature in the collection and will launch later this year. This includes the AME 24k gold plated cuff, inspired by the flow of the River Niger and the River Ethiope which underpins the history and culture of the Urhobo people of Nigeria.

Warri’s skies are littered with stars at night, easy for the naked eye to see. This inspired the last piece in the collection – the Isio earrings. Made from 24k gold, these star-inspired earrings will have any woman feeling out of this world.

Warri City alone is a multi-ethnic melting pot comprising primarily of Urhobo, Itsekiri and Ijaw ethnic groups. Nigeria has over 250 ethnic groups. It’s this melting pot of cultures that defines Nigeria and invites people of all backgrounds to join. OKE London celebrates the varied cultural identities and aims to champion the unique heritage of Urhobo people.

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