Wednesday, 10 March 2021

1 People Celebrate International Women's Day 2021

Written by 1 People
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1 People

The global theme for International Women's Day in 2021 was 'Women in Leadership: Achieving an Equal Future in a COVID-19 World'. As a brand, 1 People want to not only represent women's rights, but they also want to help the cause.

The 1 People company is filled with many women in important roles - from the creative, production and logistic teams to the head designer, co-founder & Chief Sustainability Officer all being female.

The women are all from different cultures and backgrounds, but they share passions and have a common goal to make the world a fairer place through sustainable practices and mindful leadership.

1 People take pride in empowering women from every background, culture and profession. The brand is a destination for diversified style seekers dedicated to equality and ethical fashion, celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women worldwide. Advocating for more than just fair wages, 1 People donate 40% of all profit to the founders’ educational programme Business For Planet, which mentors and guides aspiring entrepreneurs to hone their business acumen, encouraging more women to take the lead in careers and decision making.

1 People offer refined collections and luxury accessories made of natural materials using traditional skills combined with low-impact, environmentally-friendly technologies. The progressive product's embrace female silhouettes with solution focused and supportive characteristics in an array of flattering cuts which speak to a variety of modern women through texture and tone.

The bespoke brand has recently launched a limited edition range of stylish and chic scarves that pay homage to the empowering efforts of female trailblazers; Amelia Earhart, Maya Angelou, Rachel Carson and Wangari Maathai. Perfect for adding a feminist and feminine flair to your bag handle, tying around ponytails and wrists, knotting lightly around your neck or covering your shoulders.

Many modern women making movements and shifts in culture are committed to not just social but ecological responsibility, being the catalyst for positive change. They take accountability of their actions in their personal and professional life, they continue to identify new ways on how to live more consciously in order to limit harm to the planet.1 People cater for these multifaceted women by allowing them to express their authenticity and femininity through clothes that boast power and luxury but also their values, all items are produced in fair and equal working conditions designed with materials that do not cost the Earth.

Join 1 People in taking steps for supporting women, removing barriers in education, careers and raising the voice of women in decision making.