Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Guide to building the dressing room of your dreams

Written by Paul Birkley
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Victoria Borodinova, Pexels

Many people dream of building the perfect walk-in wardrobe. Luxurious, spacious, glamorous, with or without an island, with plenty of shoe storage – everyone has different tastes when it comes to designing their dream dressing room.

No matter if you live in a large house or a small studio flat, if you plan correctly, you can create the perfect space for your dressing room.

Inspiration & Planning

First, think about the space where you are setting up the wardrobe. It could be as small as a corner section of your room or as large as an entirely separate room. If you can use the light coming through windows, try to take advantage of it. Natural light is always the best kind of lighting for dressing room mirrors. It will also make the space feel much more open.

Have Your Needs In Mind

How could you best take advantage of the space you have available to set up a walk-in wardrobe? Will open shelving work best? Or will you go for mirrored wardrobe doors? Do you have space for an island? Will you set up a seating area, such as a built-in bench or comfy lounge chair? How much storage space will you need for shoes, bags, smaller items that could be stored in drawers, clothes to hang on rails?

Hammonds Furniture, a brand with plenty of experience in building walk-in wardrobes, helped fashion and lifestyle blogger Victoria Magrath create a space that would fulfil her particular needs: 'This is a real dream for me to have my own closet space, somewhere to house all of my bags and shoes and all my clothing. A place where everything is super organised'.

Colours, Lighting And Décor

How your space will end up looking depends on your personal style. Some enjoy a more down to earth and simple space, others enjoy spaces with a glamourous look, or prefer to style the entire closet in their favourite colour. Plenty of lighting will make the space shine. Lights can be added to shelves, above and around mirrors, through chandeliers or halogen spotlights on the ceiling. The lighting should be pleasant and flattering in order for you to love spending time in your new walk-in wardrobe.

There are many blogs and articles to draw inspiration from, such as this slideshow with some of the most beautiful open walk-in closets.