Wednesday, 03 November 2021

Skiing effortlessly and affordably with Blanqo

Written by Aimee Gray
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With holiday seasons not far away and the dream of a white Christmas in the air, looking for skiing destinations and new gear is on the to-do list of many of us. High-quality ski wear is notoriously expensive but Blanqo aims to make them much affordable this year.

More than 2 million Brits are back to skiing for the first time in two years! The launch of Blanqo by Zoa will make holidays nice and easy with its smart rental-as-a-service solution for luxury ski gear.

The innovative white-label rental platform Zoa has just announced the launch of Blanqo, a luxury ski clothing brand powered by the same custom rental concept.

High performance and luxury ski wear represents a big slice of the costs in the making of a snow holiday outfit. On average, new ski gear can typically range between £500-£2000. Blanqo was born to cut this extra cost by providing easy and affordable access to luxury ski and skateboarding outfits for both men and women. Blanqo by Zoa offers 6, 10, 13, 17-day rental slots for just £59. Here is an example: a striking red one-piece from Poivre Blanc - a French premium sportswear brand - would cost £700 but it can be rented for a lower price. Blanqo allows ski lovers to enjoy the snow by wearing luxury and warm outfits for just the time needed without the big-term investment of a new purchase.

Accidents may happen on the ski, but Blanqo will get you by covering minor wear and tear which is included in the rental price. Blanqo will also cover you on the size, spanning from S to XL outfits, and with more models coming online next month in time for the holiday.

Ernest Amoako, skier and founder of Blanqo, launched the rental platform so to give others the freedom and joy to go skiing: 'I’m really excited about this partnership with Zoa! Their rental experience has been invaluable'.

About Zoa And Sustainability

Zoa is revolutionising and disrupting the market driving major benefits to the clients and the environment. Zoa offers its tools to start-ups and retailers so they can join the rental business model. Together with the newly-launches Blanqo, Zoa is powering size-inclusive label, Timeless London, and - due to launch next week - men's wear Rathbones Tailor and Taite Ro, a female occasion-wear brand.

Sustainability is fundamental in Zoa’s rental partnerships. Instead of purchasing cheaper ski wear for a one-us-only, customers have the freedom to spend the same (or even less) by renting higher quality gear, which will be shared throughout the season. How?

Zoa’s warehouse partner uses best-in-practice sustainable cleaning methods, such as using Ozone chamber technology. This hi-tech cleaning process ensures every rental is dispatched in safe, ready-to-wear and good-as-new-condition while minimising environmental impact.

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