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 Wednesday, 29 December 2021

Fountain, authentic and guilt-free freshness

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Bring back the joy of sharing with your favourite bunch of people! Fountain has plenty of fresh and natural drinks for memorable times together.

The fountain of a good time is inside a colourful can. Fountain hard seltzers are a natural and independent alternative to these popular fizzy drinks.

About The Brand

Who better than new friends know how to hard is to make friends? Tomas and Bruce became friends thanks to their wives and realised that sharing experiences and spending time together with drinks and food help socialising. In common, they had the same love for sharing drinks; the idea of creating something together bubbled up soon. Fountain was born and, with two British friends, Tomas and Bruce decided to find their home in the UK.

About The Product

Hard seltzers are sparkling water with a splash of alcohol. These adult pops are gaining more and more popularity these days but Fountain is something different. Tomas and Bruce wanted a crystal-clear brand where the production makes a whole difference. In fact, Fountain hard seltzers are not mixed with alcohol but brewed in a gluten-free, pure fermented alcoholic base with all-natural flavours so that their drinks are fresh like water and with an authentic taste.

For those of us more conscious about their silhouette, there is some good news. 1 can of Fountain contains only 90 calories, 1g of carbohydrates and 5% ABV in sparkling water with just all-natural ingredients. Fountain is low-carb, vegan and gluten-free so that sharing joy is also light and guilt-free.

Fountain hard seltzers are available online in the exotic flavours of lime, passionfruit, blueberry, tart cherry, mango and the new tangerine. They are available in 12-can cases as single-flavoured, classic (blueberry, passionfruit and lime) or custom mixed boxes.

Explore the selection of Fountain hard seltzers online.

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